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What is PPPoE network?

What is PPPoE network?

Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) combines PPP, which typically runs over broadband connections, with the Ethernet link-layer protocol that allows users to connect to a network of hosts over a bridge or access concentrator.

What is the difference between PPP and PPPoE?

PPP: PPP is a point-to-point protocol that provides a standard method for transmitting multi-protocol packets over point-to-point connections. PPPoE: PPPoE is a point-to-point protocol on the Ethernet. It is a network tunneling protocol that encapsulates the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) into the Ethernet framework.

How does a PPPoE Server work?

PPPoE is configured as a point to point connection between two Ethernet ports. As a tunneling protocol, PPPoE is used as an effective foundation for the transport of IP packets at the network layer. IP is overlaid over a PPP connection and uses PPP as a virtual dial-up connection between points on the network.

How do I setup a PPPoE server?

PPPoE Client Connecting

  1. For Windows PC, go to Start >> Settings >> Network & Internet >> Dial-up , click Set up a new connection .
  2. Select Connect to the Internet, click Next.
  3. Select Broadband (PPPoE).
  4. Enter the username and password as what was configured at step 3.
  5. Wait for the connection to building up.

How do I get a PPPoE?

Step 1: Click on Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center. Step 2: Click on Set up a new connection or network. Step 5: Enter “test” for Username and ”123456”for Password, and then click on Connect. Step 6: the PPPoE Connection is established, you can access the Internet now.

Where can I find the PPPoE server?

The PPPoE Server is located at Services > PPPoE Server. The configuration is very similar to the L2TP VPN server ( L2TP VPN ). Multiple PPPoE servers may be configured on separate interfaces. To begin setting up a PPPoE server:

What interface does the PPPoE work over?

The PPPoE client and server work over any Layer2 Ethernet level interface on the router, for example, Wireless, Ethernet, EoIP, etc.

What is PPPoE session ID and MAC address?

When the discovery stage is completed, both peers know PPPoE Session ID and other peer’s Ethernet (MAC) address which together defines the PPPoE session. PPP frames are encapsulated in PPPoE session frames, which have Ethernet frame type 0x8864.

What is the difference between PPP discovery and PPPoE session ID?

When a Host wishes to initiate a PPPoE session, it must first perform Discovery to identify the Ethernet MAC address of the peer and establish a PPPoE SESSION_ID. While PPP defines a peer-to-peer relationship, Discovery is inherently a client-server relationship.