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What is Solano mean in Spanish?

What is Solano mean in Spanish?

Solano. sō-lä′no, n. a hot south-east wind which occasionally visits Spain. [Sp.,—L. solanus (ventus), the east wind—sol, the sun.]

What is the Spanish for vulnerable?

Spanish: frágil – atacable – indefenso – línea de flotación – susceptible – vulnerable.

What Apertura means?

an anatomical opening
Medical Definition of apertura : an anatomical opening or aperture.

Where does the name Solano come from?

Spanish, Aragonese, Asturian-Leonese: habitational name from any of the places named Solano (Burgos and Málaga provinces) or El Solano (Asturies, and Uesca, Aragon), named with solano ‘place exposed to the sun’ (Late Latin solanum, a derivative of sol ‘sun’).

Where did Solano County get its name?

The county derives its name indirectly from that of the Franciscan missionary, Father Francisco Solano, whose name was given in baptism to the chief of one of the Indian tribes of the region.

Is Bailando Mexican?

“Bailando” ( transl. “Dancing”) is a song by Spanish singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias for his tenth studio album Sex and Love (2014). Written by Iglesias with long-time collaborator Descemer Bueno, the first version was released with Cuban artists Bueno and Gente de Zona.

What part of speech is vulnerable?

Vulnerable is an adjective – Word Type.

How do you use the word vulnerable in a sentence?

Vulnerable sentence example

  1. Children are the most vulnerable members of society.
  2. I think you understand how vulnerable you are here.
  3. She drew her legs up, feeling vulnerable and scared in the strange place.
  4. They were vulnerable consumers facing the drastic measure of being cut off from their energy supplies.

Who makes Apertura telescope?

High Point Scientific
Apertura scopes are distributed exclusively by High Point Scientific, which allows them to cut the costs that would otherwise be dedicated to marketing, advertising, and logistics. The result is a telescope that greatly outperforms its price tag of well below $600.

What is the synonym of opening?

Synonyms. beginning. Think of this as a new beginning. start.