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What is the best 9 dart finish?

What is the best 9 dart finish?

Most Nine Dart Finishes

  • Michael van Gerwen – 24.
  • Phil Taylor – 22.
  • Adrian Lewis – 12.
  • Dave Chisnall – 11.
  • James Wade – 9.
  • Raymond van Barneveld – 9.
  • Simon Whitlock – 9.

How do you finish a 9 dart finish?

The most common 9 dart finish involves players hitting a 180 with the first throw (treble 20, treble 20, treble 20), a 180 with the second throw (treble 20, treble 20, treble 20), and a 141 with the final throw (treble 20, treble 19, double 12).

How many 9 dart finishes Does Phil Taylor have?

Phil Taylor – 21 Phil Taylor racked up 21 nine-darters during his dominant career on the PDC circuit, with 10 of these being televised.

Who has the most 9 darters ever?

Most prolific nine-darters. Phil Taylor has achieved this feat more than any other darts player on television, having done so 11 times. The first came on 1 August 2002 during a quarter final tie against Chris Mason, at the 2002 PDC World Matchplay in Blackpool.

How many 9 dart combinations are there?

The total number of different ways of achieving 501 with nine darts is 3,944, of which 2,296 finish with the bullseye, 672 end on D20, 792 on D18, 56 end on D17, 120 end on D15, and 8 end on D12. 574 of the possible ways can be used in a double-in double-out game.

What’s harder 9 darter or a hole-in-one?

loveofthegame. 147 and 9 darter are both ridiculously tough, but given the number of shots you need to get absolutely perfect for the 147 i’d say that. Hole in one is largely down to luck. Anyone could potentially hit a hole in one, the same could not be said about a 147 or 9 darter.

What is a 9 dart finish?

A 9 dart finish, also known as a 9 darter is the minimum number of darts that a player can finish in a game of 501 darts. It is considered to be a perfect leg or a perfect game of darts and is a score rarely achieved even at the provisional level.

How many darts do you need to win a nine-dart match?

Although many other combinations are possible, the traditional nine-dart finish requires a score of 60 (triple 20) with each of the first six throws: that is, with the first two shots of three. That leaves 141 to score on the final shot (of three darts), known as the outshot. This outshot is traditionally performed in one of three ways:

Which players have hit two nine-dart finishes in the same match?

Michael van Gerwen is one of two players (Phil Taylor being the other) to hit two nine-dart finishes in the same match. The Dutchman leads the way with an impressive 24 nine dart finishes throughout his career – eclipsing Taylor’s tally of 22 perfect legs.

How do you score a nine-dart finish?

For example, one way to achieve a nine-dart finish is to score 60 (triple 20) on each of the first seven throws, then a 57 (triple 19) on the eighth throw, and lastly a 24 (double 12) on the ninth.