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What is the best advertisement in India?

What is the best advertisement in India?

32 Best Indian TV Ads of All Time – A Display of Sheer Creativity

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  • Amul Manthan- The Iconic Smita Patil Advertisement.
  • Surf Excel- The older, cuter version of Daag Ache Hain.
  • WhatsApp– #ItsBetweenYou, Apna Sa Lagta Hai Apno Ke Bich.

Which is the best brand in India?

HDFC Bank Limited was the most valued brand across India in 2020….Most valuable brands in India in 2020, by brand value (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Brand value in billion U.S. dollars
HDFC Bank 20.26
LIC 18.29
Tata Consultancy Services 14.58
Airtel 13.94

What does cred advertisement mean?

Through the ad, Kapoor introduces CRED bounty, an invite-based feature that will let the brand’s members win prizes during this season of the IPL. The ad was conceptualised and written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, Puneet Chadha, and Deep Joshi. The film is produced by EarlyMan Films and directed by Ayappa.

What are some of the best Indian ads ever?

Here are some of the best Indian ads ever in the history of advertising. 1. You don’t need to spend much on advertising if you are super intelligent, and Naukri proved it. 2. This ad by Indian Post is little scary but it caught our attention with their social message – ‘Don’t turn a blind eye to accident victims’. 3.

What are some examples of ethical advertising in India?

Other topics of relevance are Black Hat Marketing, which makes your company famous overnight and Surrogate Advertising in which, for example, alcohol advertising is done through say club soda by the same brand. Needless to say, unethical ads trump examples of ethical advertisements in India.

What makes an ad memorable in India?

From print to billboards to television commercials, advertisements have covered every spectrum, becoming an indispensable catalyst for a changing India. As adman Prasoon Joshi says, “A memorable ad is respectful to the consumer, sensitive to social change, and in sync with human good.”

Why advertising in India doesn’t sell?

We know that advertising in India doesn’t sell if it doesn’t involve ‘Khans’ or ‘sex’. It needs a lot of creativeness to compete in this tough advertising market and to catch the eyeballs of mass audience. While not many companies can do it, some pull it off perfectly without investing much.