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What is the best month to visit Halong Bay?

What is the best month to visit Halong Bay?

If you are most concerned about weather, then the periods September – November and March – May are ideal for a trip to Halong Bay. The dry climate and pleasant temperature will enable you to enjoy all activities offered on board while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be.

What is the climate of Halong Bay?

Halong Bay lies on a “Humid subtropical, dry winter” climate (Köppen classification: Cwa). The highest temperature is 31.2°C (88.16°F) and the lowest is 14.1°C (57.38°F), with an average yearly temperature of 23.5°C (74.39°F). Annual rainfall averages nearly 1379.9 millimetres (54.33 inches).

Which month should visit to Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is from March to April, when rainfall is low and temperatures are milder. In a country more than 1,600 kms (1,000 miles) long, the weather in Vietnam varies considerably as you go from north to south, from a temperate to a tropical climate.

Is February a good time to visit Halong Bay?

October to December (Fall) is the best time to visit Halong Bay and peak season thanks to the pleasant weather and low chance of rain, though you can expect double the crowds. While June to September (Summer) is the low season and has a higher chance of storms and typhoon.

How long should you stay in Halong Bay?

2 days to 3 days
How Long Should I Stay in Halong Bay? Normally, people will need to stay in Halong Bay for 2 days to 3 days either on cruise or a hotel on land.

What is the weather like in Halong Bay in January?

January is a relatively cold month in Halong Bay with an average temperature of 16.5°C. Halong Bay’s temperature in January is between 14.1°C (57.38°F) – at the lowest and 19.1°C (66.38°F) – at the highest.

Is Halong Bay open for tourists?

After 2 years of lock down, Halong Bay as well as Vietnam has re-opened and welcomed foreign tourists to “Live fully in Vietnam” since 15 March 2022. To ensure safe travel in the New Normal, the Vietnamese government has succeeded in implementing wide-spreading social vaccination.

Are there dolphins in Halong Bay?

All of these factors make White Dolphin an outstanding choice among the myriad of cruise in Halong Bay.