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What is the best scope for a Marlin 336?

What is the best scope for a Marlin 336?

Vortex Optics Crossfire II. The Crossfire II offers you superior optical clarity on all seven levels of its magnification.

  • Barska Huntmaster Riflescope. For some reason,several shooters love plinking scopes.
  • Trijicon RS20 AccuPower Riflescope.
  • Nikon ProStaff Nikoplex Riflescope.
  • Simmons Truplex Riflescope.
  • Leupold Rifleman Riflescope.
  • What is the value of a Marlin 336?

    Marlin Model 336CS .30-30 Winchester 20″ w/Bushnell 3-9×38 1983 1st Year Cross Bolt Safety 20 inch ” barrel 336-CS “JM” PRICE: $780.00 MANUFACTURER: Marlin

    How to mount a scope on Marlin 336?

    – Durable aluminum construction. – The scope is easy to adjust. – Built to handle harsh outdoor environments. – Great light transmission. – Long eye relief.

    What caliber is a Marlin 336?

    Though the Marlin 336 is currently only available in .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington, Marlin has produced the 336 in a wide variety of calibers over the years. Among other cartridges, the Marlin 336 was manufactured in .219 Zipper, .32 Winchester Special, .375 Winchester, .38-55 Winchester and .44 Magnum at one time.

    What is a Marlin 35 caliber worth?

    Without a scope I usually pay $350 $425. People do pay a little more for the 35 Remington as opposed to the 30-30. I cannot tell from the picture but is there a cross bolt safety? Again, many people will pay a little more to not have this feature. What does the tag say on it? Model number? Is the stock walnut or birch, hard to tell.

    How do you clean a Marlin 35 caliber rifle?

    Nickle or quarter

  • Cleaning rod
  • Cleaning patches.
  • Gun oil
  • What is the scope of a Marlin Model 336 rifle?

    This means less time for your eyes to adjust, and a lower likelihood of missed targets. The Diamondback 1. 75-5×32 is the ideal scope for the Marlin 336. If you’re using your action rifle for shooting big game, then you won’t find a better scope than this.