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What is the best slam dunk of all time?

What is the best slam dunk of all time?

Best dunk contest

  1. Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine wreak havoc, 2016.
  2. Vince Carter’s debut contest, 2000.
  3. Michael Jordan floats from the line, 1988.
  4. Superman and Gerald Green blowing candles, 2008.
  5. Spud Webb tops Dominique Wilkins, 1986. Standing at just 5’6”, Spud Webb wouldn’t strike you as the average NBA player.

Who has the most career slam dunks?

The title for “The most dunks in the world” will undoubtedly go to Dwight Howard. He holds the record for the most dunks in the NBA since 1996. The person having the most slams in a game in history is Wilt Chamberlain. He has held the title since he played on 25th March 2019, when he set the record with 27 slams.

What year was the best Slam Dunk Contest?

1988 – Michael Jordan from the free throw line J back in the day, but it appears that Jordan gets even more air on his try. Jordan would go on to win the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest against Dominique Wilkins in a showdown that many considered – and some still consider – to be the best Dunk Contest of all-time.

What is the most famous dunk?

1. Vinsanity (2000) Half-Man-Half-Amazing enchanted Oakland with one of the cleanest and most memorable performances in the Slam Dunk Contest history. He made the dunk a for of art even in normal games.

Who started the slam dunk?

Kurland, one of the first 7-foot centers, is credited with the first dunk in college basketball history when his Oklahoma A&M Aggies, which has since been renamed to Oklahoma State, played Temple.

What is the highest slam dunk?

Highest slam dunk with a backward somersault. The highest slam dunk with a backflip is 4.89 m (16 ft 0.51 in), achieved by Norbert Kajtár (Hungary) in Budapest, Hungary, on 22 February 2018. Norbert Kajtár is a member of Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre. All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date.

What is the best dunk ever done?

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  • Who has the most dunks of all time?

    – Dwyane Wade- 5 buzzer beaters. – Paul Pierce – 7 buzzer beaters. – LeBron James – 7 buzzer beaters. – Joe Johnson – 8 buzzer beaters. – Kobe Bryant – 8 buzzer beaters. – Michael Jordan – 9 buzzer beaters.

    What was the farthest slam dunk ever?

    Vince Carter: 360 Windmill (2000)

  • Vince Carter: Honey Dip (2000)
  • Michael Jordan: Free-Throw Line Dunk (1988)
  • Julius Erving: Free-Throw Line Dunk (1976)
  • Andre Iguodala: Behind-the-Basket Reverse (2006)
  • Jason Richardson: Off-the-Glass,East Bay Funk Dunk (2004)
  • Michael Jordan: Kiss the Rim (1987)
  • Dwight Howard: Behind-the-Basket Windmill (2008)