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What is the best weapon in Sao hollow realization?

What is the best weapon in Sao hollow realization?

Overall, katana is the overall OP weapon choice in this game. Due to the nature of it being able to ignore defense and the Hibufuku sword skill which you can actually control the direction you’re going, it makes for some very easy fights along the way…… especially when you start EX Dancing.

How many floors are in Sao hollow realization?

100 floors
According to the sinister being who trapped them there, the only way to get out alive was to clear all 100 floors. There’s a very pretty world waiting to be explored.

How do you get the elucidator in Sao hollow realization?

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition The Elucidator, and Dark Repulser, are obtained after beating the 100th floor boss in the infinite dungeon.

How do you get legendary weapons in Sao hollow realization?

You find the base “Evolution Possible Weapons” and then take them to a Blacksmith to transform them into Legendary. As you proceed through the transformation steps, a couple of branches appear. These path choices affect which one of the 3 types Legendary weapons you will end up with.

Is there a Sao game with all 100 floors?

No, it doesn’t show all 100 floors. But in the new movie that came out, it does show the 100th floor boss. I personally wanted to see more of an MMO aspect in the anime showcasing Kirito’s progression and the world of Aincrad, instead we got one massive slice of life harm.

What are the 100 floors of Aincrad?

These 100 floors were originally regions from the world that were home to the elves, dark elves, humans, and dwarves, until they were cut out from the earth and stacked on top of each other during the formation of Aincrad. During this time, the nine kingdoms of the humans were lost.

How do you get elucidator and dark Repulser in Sao hollow realization?

Can you dual wield in Sword Art Online hollow realization?

Dual Wield – Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization In Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, you are once again in control of Kirito (even if you customize it to be differently), so naturally that means you’ll eventually be able to dual wield, as well.

Where can I find the holy sword Excalibur?

The sword is rewarded upon the completion of The Holy Sword of the Ice Palace quest and is currently in the possession of Kirito . The Holy Sword Excalibur is a majestic longsword that is almost entirely gold in color, including the handle.

How do you get Excalibur in Beast God slaughter quest?

Contrary to popular belief, «Excalibur» cannot be obtained as a quest reward for the Beast God Slaughter quest, as the quest that Thrym and the Frost Giant generals give rewards the «Fake Sword Caliburn», a weaker version of the Excalibur, instead. The usual katakana version of «Excalibur» is エクスカリバー (Ekusukaribā).

What are special character events in Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment?

Special character events make up a lot of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’s character-driven story, and are hinted to the player via the Event List. Unfortunately, said list is almost worthless in its descriptions of what the player has to do at times to get the party started. Long story short: explore alone.

What happened to Excalibur in Jötunheim?

He then threw Excalibur into «Urðr’s Spring», a lake at the center of Jötunheimr where it impaled the World Tree and cut off its roots. At that moment, Jötunheimr lost the blessings from the Tree and quickly degenerated into a barren wasteland of frost.