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What is the Brodeur rule?

What is the Brodeur rule?

The other is the Brodeur Rule, which reads: “A goaltender may not play the puck outside a designated area behind the net. This area is defined by lines that begin on the goal line, six feet from each goal post, and extend diagonally to points 28 feet apart at the end boards.

Does Martin Brodeur work for the Devils?

It’ll be two years this week that the Devils did the right thing by getting franchise legend Martin Brodeur off the St. Louis Blues’ payroll and back on theirs.

Who is Martina Brodeur?

Brodeur holds numerous NHL and franchise records among goaltenders; he ranks as the league’s all-time regular season leader in wins (691), losses (397), shutouts (125), and games played (1,266)….

Martin Brodeur
Position Goaltender
Caught Left
Played for New Jersey Devils St. Louis Blues
National team Canada

Is Martin Brodeur the best goalie ever?

The general consensus is that when Roy retired he was the best goalie of all time. It was also generally agreed upon that by the end of Brodeur’s career, he would most likely overtake most, if not all of Roy’s and the NHL’s career records and cement himself as the top netminder of all time.

Who is the best NHL goalie of all time?

The top 5 goalies of all-time

  1. Patrick Roy.
  2. Martin Brodeur.
  3. Terry Sawchuk.
  4. Jacques Plante. His numbers are right up there with the best.
  5. Glen Hall. Glenn Hall won 406 NHL games, taking Calder, Vezina, and Conn Smythe trophies along the way to go with two Stanley Cups as a player. (

Can the goalie leave the trapezoid?

The players on the ice during the call must remain on the ice. Addition of the trapezoid behind the goaltenders’ nets. Goalies are not allowed to play the puck outside of the trapezoid when behind the goal line.

Who is better Brodeur or Roy?

He’s No. 1 in playoff shutouts (25), one ahead of Roy. He’s second in both playoff wins and games played (113, 205) to Roy (151, 247). As for hardware honors, Brodeur has three Stanley Cups (Roy has four), four Vezina Trophies (Jacques Plante won seven, Dominik Hasek won six) and five Jennings Trophies.

Who is the best NHL goalie of all-time?

Who is better Roy or Brodeur?

Does Martin Brodeur still play for the Devils?

On June 6, 2014, Brodeur told ESPN he would test the free agency market for the 2014–15 season, and his 21-year tenure with the Devils ended. On November 26, 2014 Brodeur signed a tryout contract with the St. Louis Blues after their starting netminder, Brian Elliott, was injured.

Did Martin Brodeur sign a new contract with the Blues?

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Did Martin Brodeur play in the QMJHL?

While playing with the Saint-Hyacinthe Laser, Brodeur made the QMJHL All-Rookie team in 1989–90 and the QMJHL Second All-Star Team in 1991–92. Brodeur was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in the first round (20th overall) in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft.

Why did Martin Brodeur have trapezoids behind each goal?

The Brodeur Rule The goaltender trapezoids behind each goal, added by the NHL before the 2005–06 season, were widely viewed as singling out Brodeur for his puck-handling skills.