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What is the cleanest diesel in South Africa?

What is the cleanest diesel in South Africa?

Diesel Sasol Turbodiesel ULS
Sasol Turbodiesel ULS is the diesel of choice for many South Africans because it meets the most stringent international sulphur specifications. Add a premium Deposit Control Additive (DCA) and you have the cleanest diesel in South Africa.

What is the difference between low Sulphur diesel and ordinary diesel?

The history of clear diesel in the United States. Low-Sulfur Diesel No. 2, a less environmentally friendly fuel, was used before 2008. ULSD is a cleaner-burning fuel than Low-Sulfur Diesel, containing 97% less sulfur and improving the longevity of motors previously damaged by the higher sulfur content.

Can you use low Sulphur diesel?

Low Sulphur Diesel for Vehicles Although all diesel engine cars benefit from low sulphur diesel, new technology vehicles especially cannot use the older, standard grade diesel due to factors like its high sulphur content.

Which diesel is better 50ppm and 500ppm?

Engine performance improves, because 50 ppm diesel has cleaner and more effective combustion properties than 500 ppm diesel.

Which diesel is low sulfur?

Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) is diesel fuel containing a maximum of 15 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur.

Is red diesel ultra low Sulphur?

It’s known as red dye, red fuel, farm fuel, off-road diesel and even cherry juice, and it’s the same ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) you’ll find at your local filling station.

Is Shell diesel low Sulphur?

Effective February 2011, all Shell Stations are supplied with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. If you purchase a diesel-powered vehicle that requires ULSD, you must use ULSD. Using non-ULSD fuel can harm the environment as well as damage your vehicle’s emission control system, which could lead to costly repairs.

Why is it important to use a low Sulphur diesel fuel?

Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel allows the use of advanced technologies to reduce harmful pollutants. The use of catalytic converters and particulate filters can be utilized to nearly eliminate nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions.

What is 500ppm diesel used for?

Quest Petroleum Diesel 500 PPM is designed for use in Direct Injection (DI) and Indirect Injection (IDI) diesel engines. These are engines are found in passenger vehicles, leisure vehicles, vans, trucks, marine equipment and generator sets – to name a few.

Which is the best diesel to use?

Premium diesel: best for high-performance diesel Premium diesel burns quicker and more efficiently, giving you both higher performance and a cleaner engine.