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What is the fastest way to get achievement points in gw2?

What is the fastest way to get achievement points in gw2?

First, let’s take a look at the best way to earn ten achievement points every day.

  1. Dailies. Dailies are daily tasks that will take you around Tyria.
  2. Participating In Events.
  3. Jumping Puzzles.
  4. Completing The Story.
  5. Exploring New Places.
  6. Participating In PvP.
  7. Festival Achievements.
  8. Completing Fractals.

Who has the most achievement points in gw2?


Rank Rank will appear as a percentile if not high enough to appear on leaderboards. Name Achievements
1 Shadowmoon.7986 46898
2 Hellmasker.1649 46603
3 King Sylvari.2567 46570

What are meta achievements gw2?

Meta achievements act as an umbrella achievement for the achievement category, requiring other achievements in the category to be completed. Other achievements serve as an umbrella achievement for certain achievements in the category, such as Learn to Kite.

How do you get achievement points?

Achievement tracks your activity through the connected apps and rewards you points for forms of exercise. You can earn up to 80 points daily for any physical activity. In addition, you can earn additional points by tracking your meals, sleep schedule, weight, meditation, and more.

Do fractals drop Ascended gear?

There are many places in game that can randomly drop ascended boxes. However, Fractal daily rewards have the highest chance of giving you ascended weapon and armor boxes, as well as rings and accessories from the daily chests.

What happens when you get 10000 points on achievement?

Redeeming Points Once you reach 10,000 points, you can redeem a $10 cash prize. Achievement sends the cash to your PayPal or bank account. The money is in either account within three to seven days. Or a second redemption option is donating your cash to charity.

Is the achievement app worth it?

The Bottom Line Even without the cash rewards, using an app like Achievement to help track your fitness goals can be incredibly rewarding in its own way. The extra money certainly doesn’t hurt though. It costs you nothing to use, so it may be worth a shot to download the app!