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What is the film 10 years about?

What is the film 10 years about?

Former high-school friends (Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long) meet again after a decade and discover that the passage of time has changed some things, but not others.10 Years / Film synopsis

How does the movie 10 years end?

Mary asks Jake for the dance they never had at prom, finally giving them an opportunity to properly end their relationship. Mary reveals that she’s pregnant, the two agree that they are happy with where their lives have taken them. Jake returns to the hotel and finds Jess still awake.

What is Channing Tatum’s nationality?

AmericanChanning Tatum / Nationality

What city is 10 Years set in?

FILM REVIEW: 10 Years It’s the only thing that made sense to me.” During filming, the cast stayed together in a boutique hotel in Albuqurque, New Mexico, which was the same place where the film’s reunion took place.

Who is Reeves in 10 Years?

Oscar Isaac
10 Years (2011) – Oscar Isaac as Reeves – IMDb.

What bar is in the movie 10 Years?

The bar “Pretzels” in the film is based on a bar formerly know as “Pretzels” that was frequented by alumni of the same high school that Jamie Linden and Scott Porter went to. Jamie Linden and Scott Porter attended high school together.

Who played Anna in 10 Years?

Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt, who plays a popular jock who wasn’t so kind to his classmates in high school, was going to have his real-life wife, Anna Faris, play his wife in 10 Years. Lynn Collins stepped into the role, leaving the character’s name as Anna as a subtle tribute.

Did Oscar Isaac sing in 10 Years?

Here is a clip from 10 Years, the Jamie Linden-directed high school reunion film that is noteworthy because of the Oscar-eligible song “Never Had“, which is sung by Oscar Isaac. Isaac, best known for acting turns in The Bourne Legacy and Drive, will really land on the map this year for his singing talent.