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What is the lightest RV travel trailer?

What is the lightest RV travel trailer?

The 100RK is one of the lightest and smallest trailers in KZ’s lineup, weighing just 1,770 pounds and measuring in at just over 13 feet long and 6.5 feet tall. That means you won’t have to have a hulking SUV or pickup truck to lug it around. Despite the small size, the 100RK is big enough to fit a queen-size bed.

What campers are the lightest?

The Happy Camper and the Scamp almost tied for the lightest camper around. Happy Camper comes in at 1,100 lbs, but that doesn’t include appliances and water tanks that are standard in the Scamp. So, if want the lightest trailer with everything you need, the Scamp 13 is your best bet, with a weight of 1,200 lbs.

Do all campers have Formaldehyde?

So do all RVs have formaldehyde? It may surprise you, but a large number of RVs these days are made with formaldehyde. Not all RVs have formaldehyde in them, however, but this sneaky chemical is one to keep in mind when shopping for your new rig.

Why did they stop making Hi Lo campers?

Initially, Hi-Lo Trailers closed down its operations in 2010 because of a weak economy. Prospective buyers could only find Hi-Lo campers on the used market. In fact, they became quite collectible.

What is the lightest weight trailer with bathroom?

The 13′ Scamp Deluxe are the smallest and lightest camping trailers with a bathroom! If you want the lightest possible rig and don’t mind a used model, these older small camping trailers are perfect for you.

Are RVs toxic to live in?

The most dangerous chemical found in recreational vehicles is formaldehyde. This product is used most often in embalming and also as glue in building materials which can leak toxic gasses into the air in hot, humid weather and cause splitting headaches, upper respiratory problems, nosebleeds and even asthma.

When did Hilo go out of business?

Hi-Lo’s have been around and respected since 1959. They closed their doors in 2010 due to the economy at the time. However, because of its iconic design, The Kerola Group, based in. “When Hi Lo was still in active production we were a dealer.

Are Hi Lo campers still made?

The Hi-Lo Trailer was a truly iconic American made trailer created in 1956 and ceased operations in 2010.