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What is the max level for elixir collector?

What is the max level for elixir collector?

level 5
Added the level 11 Elixir Collector. Elixir Collectors can now be boosted at level 5 using Gems.

How long does it take for a level 12 elixir collector to be full?

Elixir Collector

Level Cost Build Time
11 100,000 0 days 16 hours
12 200,000 1 day
13 400,000 3 days
14 800,000 5 days

What is the max level elixir collector for TH10?

Max Levels of Buildings in TH10 The higher the town hall level is, the higher is the number of buildings in the base. The above data can also be written as: The max level of gold mines and elixir collectors is 13.

What is the max level for elixir collector th9?

The max level of the Clan Castle is 5. Elixir collectors and gold mines have a max level of 12.

Is Elixir pink or purple?

The Elixir stored in the Elixir Storage in the Builder Base is purple instead of pink in the Home Village. The level 9 storage tank seems to be “floating” on its supports.

Does rage affect Elixir collector?

The Elixir Collector is affected by Rage, technically allowing it to produce extra Elixir. However, its lifetimer decays more quickly under a Rage spell’s effect, meaning 3 Rage spells are needed to produce only one extra Elixir from the Elixir Collector.

Is elixir pink or purple?

What is the max level gold mine?

Added the sixth Gold Mine available at Town Hall level 6. Added the level 11 Gold Mine. Gold Mines can now be boosted at level 5 using Gems.

What is the max gold storage in clash of clans?

Increased storage capacity of level 13 Gold Storage from 2,500,000 to 3,000,000. The same update increased the loot cap at TH12 from 450k to 500k.

What are the different levels of elixir collectors?

The June 27 2017 update added the level 6 Elixir Collector. The September 27 2017 update added the level 7 Elixir Collector. The March 5 2018 update added the level 8 Elixir Collector and added an additional Elixir Collector available at Builder Hall level 8. The June 18 2019 update added the level 9 Elixir Collector.

Where should I place my elixir collector in Minecraft?

These placements generally apply only to passive buildings such as spawners and, of course, the Elixir Collector, as defensive buildings generally need to be placed in between the Towers. The player must address the Elixir Collector or they are risking an Elixir disadvantage.

What does the elixir collector do?

The Elixir Collector is the only building that neither spawns attacking troops or attacks by itself, with its effect being completely passive. The Elixir Collector’s upgrades only increase its hitpoints, not its production speed.

What is the catch-up point for elixir collectors?

* The Catch-Up Point is the time at which the newly upgraded Elixir Collector has equaled the total production of the collector had it not been upgraded-this does not consider recovering the cost of the Gold required to perform the upgrade.