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What is the meaning of KNID?

What is the meaning of KNID?

KNID may refer to: the ICAO code for Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, near Ridgecrest, California, United States. KNID (FM), a radio station (107.1 FM) licensed to North Enid, Oklahoma, United States. the Vermicious knid, a hostile shape-shifting alien race.

Is Vermicious a word?

Vermicious definition Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of worms.

What does a Vermicious KNID look like?

The Vermicious Knid, described by Wonka, is “one huge muscle”, capable of assuming any shape at will. Their normal appearance is a giant egg-shaped body which pulsates and seems to be full of jelly. The Knids lack visible mouths, but are said to be capable, none the less, of ‘biting’ their prey.

How do you spell chaperone or chaperon?


  1. 1 chaperone noun.
  2. also chaperon /ˈʃæpəˌroʊn/
  3. plural chaperones also chaperons.
  4. also chaperon /ˈʃæpəˌroʊn/
  5. plural chaperones also chaperons.

Is there a Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator movie?

It was published in 1972. Unlike its predecessor, this book has never been adapted to film.

Who are the main characters in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator?

Meet the Characters

  • Charlie Bucket. This is Charlie.
  • Willy Wonka. ‘Mr Willy Wonka is the most amazing, the most fantastic, the most extraordinary chocolate maker the world has ever seen!’
  • Grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe was the oldest of the four grandparents.
  • Grandma Josephine.
  • Grandpa George.
  • Grandma Georgina.
  • Mr Bucket.
  • Mrs Bucket.

What do chaperones do?

Chaperones are a functionally related group of proteins assisting protein folding in the cell under physiological and stress conditions. They share the ability to recognize and bind nonnative proteins thus preventing unspecific aggregation.

What does Raspily mean?

1 : harsh, grating. 2 : irritable.