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What is the process to return Qatar from Nepal?

What is the process to return Qatar from Nepal?

  1. Mandatory. Proof of negative pre-departure COVID-19 test results.
  2. Mandatory International Traveler Departure form before exiting Nepal. Description.
  3. Mandatory proof of vaccination for Qatar. Description.
  4. Mandatory travel registration form. Description.
  5. Mandatory accommodation booking. Description.
  6. Mandatory health form.

How do I contact Nepal Embassy?

Email Us

  1. General Inquiry. [email protected].
  2. Passport Inquiry. [email protected].
  3. Visa Inquiry. [email protected].
  4. Ambassador’s Secretary. [email protected].
  5. Economic Diplomacy Inquiry.
  6. (Aid, Trade, Investment, Tourism) [email protected].
  7. Press Inquiry. [email protected].

How can I go to Nepal from Qatar?

Travel Documents

  1. Copy of Cancel paper issued by Interior Ministry of the State of Qatar (in case of expiry of Passport the applicant are advised to visit immigration office at the Airport for residency permit cancellation);
  2. Copy of Direct flight ticket to Nepal;
  3. Copy of old passport;
  4. Passport sized photos- three pieces;

How many embassy are there in Nepal?

The Nepalese capital Kathmandu hosts 26 embassies, and in addition there are 46 consulates and one other representation in Nepal.

How can I renew my Nepali passport in Qatar?

Required Documents to apply for new passport in lieu of lost/damaged passport

  1. Police report confirming about the loss of passport. (
  2. Original (If possible) and Photocopy of of Citizenship Certificate.
  3. Photocopy of old passport .
  4. Duly filled up pre-enrollment form.
  5. Photocopy of Qatari ID Card.

Is Qatar visa open now?

Visa on arrival service to Qatar has been resumed after it was suspended in 2020 at the outset of COVID-19. Currently, citizens of 90+ countries are eligible for Free Qatar Visa On Arrival.