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What is the proper sequence of commands for the color guard?

What is the proper sequence of commands for the color guard?

To properly form the Guard, the following sequence of Commands may be used: “Fall In”- “Dress Right Dress”-“Ready Front”-“Right or Left Shoulder Arms”-(Color bearers should assume the position of carry or any other suitable position at this command) “Forward March.” The above-mentioned commands put the Guard in a …

How long is a change of command ceremony?

Normally, the higher headquarters commander, outgoing commander and incoming commander speak at the event. Most change of command ceremonies last between 30 and 60 minutes in length. Some high-level change of command ceremonies such as a Division or Corps Headquarters can last nearly two hours.

What is color guard in the Navy?

Tulane NROTC Color Guard is a team of midshipmen committed to the proper protection and professional display of the Marine Corps Flag, Navy Flag, and United States Ensign at all special events and ceremonies.

What army regulation covers change of command ceremony?

Army Regulation 37-47, para. 2-8(a), requires the Secretary’s advance approval for the use of official representation funds for retirement and change of command ceremonies.

What is the purpose of a change of command ceremony?

1, “The primary purpose of a change of command ceremony is to allow subordinates to witness the formality of command change from one officer to another. The ceremony should be official, formal, brief and conducted with great dignity.”

How often is change of command?

“Most commanders are in command of a given unit for approximately two years,” Griset explained. “Some stay three years and some change after a year.

How do you pass the guidon during change of command?

The Outgoing Commander passes the guidon to the senior commander (2), who grasps the guidon with his right hand above his left hand and, in turn, passes the guidon to the Incoming Commander (3), who grasps the guidon with her left hand above her right hand.

What is the preparatory command for the color guard?

The preparatory command for the color guard is, “Colors!”, for the Ss, its “Flags!” as in “Flags, Carry, Flags!” It may sound strange, but it helps to create the separation. Use these guidelines, but I highly encourage you to research your state, territory, and/or tribal requirements.

Can I use foreign flags in the Color Guard formation?

Foreign national and state flags are authorized in the color guard formation as an additional flag (singular); this additional flag will not replace the departmental. You cannot mix foreign national and state flags since the largest authorized formation is three color bearers and two guards.

What is a color guard in the military?

Definitions. Military color guard. A uniformed Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve color guard made up of a minimum of four members. This then extends to all Veteran Service Organizations, First Responders, ROTC and JROTC cadets, Scouts, Explorers, and any other uniformed military or paramilitary organization.

Can a flagstaff be too low for a color guard?

The only exception to this is when the color bearers are so different in height that the colors harness cups/sockets are as close as possible in height, but the American flag is never lower. All military service color guards use the two-piece light ash wood guidon flagstaff with a ferrule at each end.