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What is the real mileage of Activa 125?

What is the real mileage of Activa 125?

As reported by Honda Activa 125 owners, the real mileage of Activa 125 is 46 kmpl.

What is the real mileage of Activa?

60 kmpl
As per ARAI, the average of Activa 4G is 60 kmpl. It delivers better mileage that 91% of scooters….Activa 4G Average.

ARAI certified mileage 60 kmpl
Owner reported mileage 50 kmpl

How can I increase mileage of Activa 125?

Air filter might be clogged so get it cleaned from authorized Honda dealer workshop. Drive scooter at the optimum speed (40-60) kmph beyond this speed, more fuel gets consumed. Get your scooter serviced regularly as recommended in owner’s manual. Always fill the fuel at reputed fuel pump.

What is Max milage of Activa 125 BS6?

The mileage of Honda Activa 125 is 60 Kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Activa 125.

What is Honda 125 fuel average?

The fuel average of Honda CG 125 is 35Km/L.

What is honda 125 fuel average?

At what speed Activa gives best mileage?

40 -50 kmph
Riding at around 45KMPH would give best of economy. The most authentic way to improve mileage of a honda activa is to drive your honda activa at a speed range of 40 -50 kmph ,as its economy and use less brakes while driving ..

Is Activa 125 better than Jupiter?

The ex-showroom price of Honda Activa 125 is ₹ 75,757 and TVS Jupiter 125 is ₹ 80,228….Activa 125 vs Jupiter 125 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Activa 125 Jupiter 125
Power 8.18 bhp @ 6500 rpm 8.04 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Economy 46.5 kmpl 51 kmpl

Which Activa gives best mileage?

Honda Activa 6G, Mileage 55 kmpl You must be knowing the Activa 6 G very well, because in today’s time it has become the first choice of the youth, although it gives the highest mileage of 55 kmpl.

What is the mileage of Honda Activa 125?

The mileage of Honda Activa 125 is 60 Kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Activa 125.

What are the variants of Maruti Activa 125 BS6?

The Activa 125 BS6 arrives in three variants: standard, alloy and deluxe. They are priced at Rs 68,042 (standard), Rs 71,542 (alloy), and Rs 75,042 (deluxe) (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).Check out this story for unique features of each variant.

Is Honda Activa 125 India’s first BS6 two-wheeler?

Not surprising then, the Honda Activa 125 became the first BS6 two-wheeler in India. It comes with a whole host of updates, most of which aren’t visible to the naked eye. And nearly six months after its launch, the prices of the scooter have been hiked. The base variant is now priced at Rs 68,042 (ex-showroom Delhi).

Can the Activa 6G carry two adults?

Activa 6G can carry the two adults with average weight. However, if you want more power and performance you can go with the Activa 125. Moreover, we’d recommend taking a test ride of both the scooters for a better insight into the performance, comfort, and compatibility.