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What is the substation maintenance?

What is the substation maintenance?

Substation maintenance is a process of periodic, planned inspection of and, if necessary, repair, and replacement of all switchgear, buildings, and ancillary equipment in substation installations.

What is the difference between switching station and substation?

A switching station is a substation without transformers and operating only at a single voltage level. Switching stations are sometimes used as collector and distribution stations. Sometimes they are used for switching the current to back-up lines or for parallelizing circuits in case of failure.

What does an electrical switching station do?

switching station in Electrical Engineering A switching station is equipment used to tie together two or more electric circuits through switches. In a switching station, the switches are selectively arranged to permit a circuit to be disconnected, or to change the electric connection between the circuits.

What is main switching station?

A switching station is a substation that does not contain power transformers and therefore does not change system voltage from one level to another. Switching stations usually operate at sub-transmission or transmission voltage levels. Switching Station.

What is difference between sub-station and switch yard.?

substation | switchyard |. is that substation is a site where electricity supplied by long-distance (high-voltage) transmission lines is transformed and/or regulated for local (low-voltage) distribution while switchyard is part of a railway with an arrangement of switches (or points) allowing trains to be diverted and reassembled.

What is switchgear and electrical substation?

The system used for switching, controlling, isolating, and protecting the electrical circuits and equipment is known as Switchgear. Switchgear is a part of the substation. Switchgear in substations are located on both sides of high voltage, low voltage sides of large transformers units. The Switchgear carries out the functions of carrying, making, and breaking the normal load current like a switch.

What is a disconnect switch in a substation?

Power transformer or distribution transformer (depending on substation type)

  • Circuit breakers
  • Disconnecting switches
  • Isolators
  • Busbars
  • Current transformers
  • Potential transformers
  • Lightening arrestor
  • Protective relays
  • Station batteries
  • What are the main components of a substation?

    Power Transformers. Power transformers are the most important equipment in an electrical substation.

  • Tap Changing Equipment. Optional equipment that may be added to the substation transformer is tap changing equipment.
  • Circuit Breakers.
  • BusBar,Bays and Steel Structures.
  • Lightning Arrester.
  • Circuit Switchers.
  • Disconnect Switch/Isolator.
  • Earth Switches.