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What is the top speed of a ZX-14R?

What is the top speed of a ZX-14R?

The Kawasaki ZX-14R will charge on harder from this point than a first generation Hayabusa as it manages a 0-180 mph time impressively at 18.43 seconds and 0-300 km/h in 23.85 seconds. If you hold out sixth gear for long enough the ZX-14R will go onto a top speed of 195 mph after around 35 seconds.

How much is a zx14 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $11,599 $5,105
Options (Add)
Total Price $11,599 $5,105

Will there be a 2022 ZX14R?

2022 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R ABS • $15,599 In addition to its enormous 1,441cc engine, the Ninja ZX-14R features premium onboard electronics and uncompromising refinement to take on the track or the backroads with sophisticated ease.

How much horsepower does a 2021 zx14 have?

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R Specifications

Power 207.9 hp
Bore x Stroke 84.0 x 65.0 mm
Compression Ratio 12.3:1
Fuel System Fuel injection: ø44 mm x 4 with dual throttle valves

Is there a 2022 zx14?

2022 Kawasaki Ninja® ZX™-14R ABS | Supersport Motorcycle | Raw Power.

Will Kawasaki replace the ZZR1400?

Kawasaki ZZR1400 to be discontinued after 2020.

How much does a zx14 cost?

This ZX14 is less than that (starting price $13,500) and you will crush any stock Busa, ZX14R, BMW 1000s, even nitrous bikes and you will definitely be one of if not the fastest in your town including most NOS bikes because they are so hard to handle down the track.

How much did your 2003 Kawasaki zx12r Turbo cost you?

2003 Kawasaki Zx12r Turbo $14,000 Stretched swingarm, Shift light two step aftermarket computer aftermarket clutch 1,200 miles on the bike… Custom street bike or race bike, whichever you prefer… Beautiful, runs great and it’s tagged!

What colors does the ZX-14 come in?

Wrapped in a choice of Passion Red, Ebony, or Candy Thunder Blue, the new ZX-14 makes blending into the scenery nearly impossible. It accelerates with ease, handles with assurance, and exudes an aura unmatched by anything else on the street.

What makes the Kawasaki ZX-14 so special?

The ZX-14’s chassis design is every bit the equal of its power plant. It is an advanced version of Kawasaki’s unique aluminum monocoque frame, lightweight and very strong. This sophisticated approach gives the ZX-14 a responsive handling quality and incredible highway stability.