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What is there to do on Sugar Island MI?

What is there to do on Sugar Island MI?

Fun Things to Do on Sugar Island

  • Go Fish! Along the St.
  • Views for Days. Here at our resort, you’ll find the best view right from your doorstep, looking across the St.
  • Observe the Native Wildlife and Plants.
  • Arrive By A Fun Ferry Ride!
  • Bring Your Bathing Suit!
  • Explore The St.
  • Break Out The S’mores.

Is there a bridge to Sugar Island Michigan?

It’s an small island connected by a man-made land-bridge for ship watching, picnics, small family activities, and fishing. It’s just down stream of the locks and right next to the Sugar Island Ferry (Hi Dad) and Clyde’s “awesome heart-attack-waiting-to-happen” Drive-in restaurant.

Who lives on Sugar Island Michigan?

Sugar Island Community To visit the nearly 700 people living on Sugar Island’s 50 square miles, you have to catch a ferry that runs every half hour from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Many of the residents are Anishinaabeg (and members of the large Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians).

How long is Sugar Island MI?

The island is approximately 26 kilometers (16 miles) long north to south and 13 kilometers (eight miles) east-to-west at its widest point. According to the 2010 census, it is home to approximately 700 permanent inhabitants and several hundred seasonal residents.

Are there waterfalls on Sugar Island?

Discover Sugar Island It is Michigan’s first place and the center of the Great Lakes. Experience rushing waterfalls, majestic forests, rocky coastlines and picturesque lighthouses.

How much does it cost to go to Sugar Island?

Sugar island will see a $2 increase for a car and driver paying cash going from $10 for a round-trip ticket to $12. The 20-trip booklets will include an $8 price hike from $64 to $72 with the rates on these fares jumping from $3.20 to $3.60.

Are there bears on Sugar Island?

(WPBN/WGTU) — Sugar Island is known to have a healthy black bear population but now residents are worried about an eight-month old cub who recently became orphaned.

Are there bears on Sugar Island Michigan?

Are there moose on Sugar Island?

In many respects, Sugar Island is a wilderness area. While there are numerous year-round residents here, the island is cloaked by deep forests. In the southern portion of the island, it’s not unusual to find moose browsing the young aspens or wading through the marshes.

Do people live on Sugar Island Michigan?

Population. With 625 people, Sugar Island is the 1208th most populated city in the state of Michigan out of 1,520 cities. But watch out, Sugar Island, because Felch with 620 people and Wilber with 624 people are right behind you.

How long is the ferry ride to Neebish Island?

A two-minute water crossing, by a small car ferry will bring you to Neebish Island. The service is provided under a private contract with the Eastern Upper Peninsula Transportation Authority. Although it is a year-around service, ice can cause delays and cancellations during the winter months and spring break-up.