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What kind of beer is Yazoo Gerst?

What kind of beer is Yazoo Gerst?

Gerst Amber Ale was developed and brewed by Yazoo to be sold in bottles and draft in the Nashville market. Being an ale, the beer has its differences from the original Amber lager brewed by Gerst, as well as the ones brewed by the Evansville and Pittsburg Brewing Companies.

What kind of beer is Gerst?

OVERVIEW. Tennessee- Altbier- 5.1% ABV. Gerst Brewery was the original Nashville brewery, but never recovered after prohibition. This is a very “”clean”” beer, with mostly German malts and a hint of flaked maize.

Where is Yazoo beer from?

VISIT US. Our taproom, located in the heart of our brewery in Madison (just outside of Nashville), is open 7 days a week to sling fresh beer to the masses! Come sample our full array of brews (along with some pilot batches and special releases).

How much alcohol is in good people IPA?

This brew comes in at 6.7% ABV: 6.7% and IBU: 30.

Does gotta get up to get down have caffeine?

Espresso coffee is strong, followed by roasted malt and a light scent of chocolate nibs and lactose sugar. The flavor opens with dark chocolate taking the lead, followed by espresso coffee. The bitter/sweet balance is exceptional.

Who owns Yazoo Brewing Company?

Yazoo continues to be an independently owned and operated brewery – Linus and Lila Hall maintain 100% ownership and direction of the brewery, and you can frequently find Linus tinkering with something in the production facility 5-7 days a week!

What county is Yazoo City in?

Yazoo CountyYazoo City / County

Where is Good People IPA made?

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — With the tongue-in-cheek tagline “Legally brewed since 2008,” Good People Brewing Co. IPA (India pale ale) is the subject of this week’s brew review.

How many carbs are in good people IPA?

Good People IPA should be avoided on keto because it is very high in net carbs (10.67g of net carbs per 240ml serving).

What kind of beer is Ghost River Gold?

Ghost River Gold has a mellow, refreshing character, accentuated by Memphis’ soft water. Munich and caramel malts give this beer enough sweetness to balance the crisp, dry finish….Share.

Category Ale
Brand Ghost River Brewing
Alcohol/vol 6%

What is Yazoo City famous for?

Standing as the famous Gateway to the Delta, Yazoo City occupies a fabled spot in Mississippi’s culture and history. Tourists make the drive to Yazoo City a part of their trips through the state because of this rich history. Our famous native children include Gov.