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What line is Petersham on?

What line is Petersham on?

Main Suburban
Petersham railway station

Operated by Sydney Trains
Line(s) Main Suburban
Distance 5.50 kilometres (3 mi) from Central
Platforms 2 (1 island)

What stations are on the Illawarra line?


  • Cronulla Station. Cronulla. Map Cronulla StationStop info.
  • Woolooware Station. Woolooware. Map Woolooware StationStop info.
  • Caringbah Station. Caringbah. Map Caringbah StationStop info.
  • Miranda Station. Miranda.
  • Gymea Station. Gymea.
  • Kirrawee Station. Kirrawee.
  • Helensburgh Station. Helensburgh.
  • Waterfall Station. Waterfall.

What are the boundary stations of our network NSW?

The New South Wales Metropolitan Rail Area (MRA) is the government-operated railway network centred on Sydney and bounded by Newcastle Interchange in the north, Bowenfels in the west, and Glenlee and Bomaderry in the south.

What platform is Blue Mountains line at Central?

Blue Mountains services begin at Central (Sydney Terminal platforms 1-12). After leaving Central, services join the Main Suburban railway line, using the main (northernmost) pair of tracks.

Is Metro part of Sydney trains?

Sydney Metro is part of the Opal network and you can pay your fare with an Opal card. Fares are the same as existing train fares and all Opal card benefits apply. You can also pay your fare with a contactless credit or debit card or linked device.

What line is Penrith on?

Main Western
Penrith railway station, Sydney

Operated by Sydney Trains
Line(s) Main Western
Distance 49.5 kilometres (30.8 mi) from Central
Platforms 3 (1 island, 1 side)

How many train stations are there in NSW?


Sydney Trains
Locale Sydney
Transit type Suburban rail
Number of lines 8
Number of stations 170

What line is Parramatta station on?

Main Western line
Parramatta railway station is a heritage-listed railway station located on the Main Western line, serving Parramatta in New South Wales, Australia.

Can you use Opal card to Katoomba?

There are express services with limited stops, including Katoomba. Check the Trip Planner for details. You’ll need to tap on and tap off with an Opal card or contactless credit or debit card or linked device to travel on NSW TrainLink Intercity services, including to and from the Blue Mountains.