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What nationality is Kish?

What nationality is Kish?

This Hungarian (and partly Jewish) surname of KISH was a nickname from the Hungarian word ‘kis’ meaning small. In the case of the Hungarian name, this word was also used in contrast with NAGY as a distinguishing name for the younger of two bearers of the same first name, not necessarily one who was physically smaller.

What nationality is the name du Plessis?

Plessis (Afrikaans: du Plessis) Plessy, and de Plessis are related surnames of French origin, may refer to: A plessis meant a fence made of interwoven branches in Old French.

What does the last name Loken mean?

Norwegian (L√łken): habitational name from any of numerous (about 40) farmsteads in southeastern Norway, so named from leik ‘game’, ‘play’ + vin ‘meadow’. This name also occurs in Sweden.

What does the last name Kaczmarek mean?

Polish: from a pet form or patronymic from ka(r)czmarz ‘innkeeper’ (see Kaczmar).

How common is the last name Kish?

In the United States, the name Kish is the 4,666th most popular surname with an estimated 7,461 people with that name.

Is Kish a German name?

Americanized spelling of Hungarian Kiss. Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of Kisch.

How many Du Plessis are there in South Africa?

86,080 people
And in South Africa, the name Duplessis is the 46th popular surname with an estimated 86,080 people with that name.

Is Du Plessis a South African name?

Du-Plessis is found most in South Africa.

What does Kaczmarek mean in Polish?

The name is a diminutive from the Old Polish version of the word karczmarz, meaning “innkeeper”.

How do you say Kaczmarek?

Phonetic spelling of Kaczmarek

  1. kaz-MAR-ik.
  2. Kacz-marek.
  3. Kacz-marek. Yvonne Botes.

What does Kish mean in the Bible?

Hard, difficult, straw, for age
In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Kish is: Hard, difficult, straw, for age.

What does Kish mean in English?

kish in American English 1. a mixture of graphite and slag separated from and floating on the surface of molten pig iron or cast iron as it cools. 2. dross on the surface of molten lead.