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What size are light pole banners?

What size are light pole banners?

Generally, small decorative light poles will have 18” x 36” banners. The average heights of light poles are 12′, 16′ or 20′. Standard commercial light poles and/or utility poles will take any size banner from 24” x 48” up to 30” x 96”.

What are pole banners?

Pole banners are printed double-sided with pole pockets on both the top and bottom and are typically displayed on light poles using a bracket system. Line the streets of your city with vibrant pole banners. Printed on your choice of durable 13 oz.

What is a windless flag?

Windless swooper flags are tall advertising flags designed to be flown on a special curved pole and will stand open even with no wind.

What are typical banner sizes?

Standard Banner Sizes

Size (Px) Name Global Frequency
300×250 Medium Rectangle 40%
728×90 Leaderboard 25%
160×600 Wide Skyscraper 12%
300×600 Half Page 5%

What is a good banner size?

For most personal or business events or outdoor advertising, the recommended banner size is 3′ x 6′ or 4′ x 8′. The larger size allows your message and graphics to be seen from a distance. Effective banner text should be a minimum of 3” tall, which fits best on larger banner sizes.

What size banner do I need for a lamp post?

Suitable for installing onto street lamp columns and flag poles from 76mm diameter and above and compatible with straight, fluted or tapered columns. The arms can be cut down to match any banner width required up to 800mm wide. Our standard lamp post banner system is great value.

What is the standard size of a banner?

Our pole banners come in three standard sizes: 18” x 36”, 24” x 36”, 30” x 36”. Deliver an impactful message with durable banner printing from 48HourPrint.

What is the maximum length of a pole banner?

These steel bands extend in length to 47”. This means the circumference or perimeter of the desired install pole must be less than 47”. Assuming the pole is less than 47” in circumference or perimeter there are no restrictions as to where your mounting bracket and pole banner can be installed.

Can I print two banners on the Poles and hardware kit?

The poles and hardware kit can not have two separate banners slid onto them. Nonetheless, you are able to print the two side differently by selecting the “2 Sides Different” option while designing your banners on our design tool.