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What size are pool pump fittings?

What size are pool pump fittings?

99% of pool pumps use either 1.5″ or 2″ pipe and connectors, a size that is fairly easy to find. We also sell a few pool plumbing fittings in our online store. If you’re unsure what pipe size you have, note that 1.5″ Schedule 40 PVC pipe has an outer diameter of 1-7/8″, and an inner diameter of 1-1/2″.

What type of threads are on pool fittings?

Threaded PVC Connections PVC fittings can be slip (smooth) or threaded. Male threaded fittings screw into the same size female fitting, hand tight, plus 1-1/4 turns with a small pipe wrench or large Channel-Lock type pliers.

What size is pool pipe?

What Size Pool PVC Pipe do I Have? Inground pools are typically plumbed with either 1.5” or 2.0” PVC pipe. If you can find the markings on a pipe, and still read them, it will state the nominal diameter of the pipe.

What type of pipe is used for pool plumbing?

PVC – Rigid PVC
PVC – Rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe is a standard for swimming pool piping, as well as many other plumbing jobs. The thickness of the wall of the pipe is known as the schedule, most commonly PVC pipe is made to schedule 40 or schedule 80.

Can you use PEX for pool plumbing?

PEX tubing is a great product for it’s intended potable water plumbing systems usage, in home plumbing systems, but pool water chemistry can damage its physical integrity. It has zero warranty because of its incompatibility with pool water chemistry.

What is a pool Valve?

A pool valve is an essential piece of equipment in most pools. With the right valve in place, pool water stays clean regularly. If you aren’t sure which type of pool valve is right for your pool, we invite you to take a look at our list of the best options available on the market and read through for more information about their different features.

What is the purpose of PVC fittings in pools?

These pool fittings serve two purposes. The first purpose of pool PVC fittings is to draw water from the filtration system back into the pool. The second is to push water around the pool. This also helps move debris sitting on the surface of the water to the skimmer.

What plumbing fittings do I need for a swimming pool?

Plumbing Fittings for Swimming Pools Any pool and spa fitting you could possibly need for installation, maintenance or repair! Unions, tees, bushings, elbows, adapters, couplings and more, most available in Schedule 40 or Schedule 80; some available in brass.

How many pool valves are left in stock?

Only 2 left in stock – order soon. A pool valve is an essential piece of equipment in most pools. With the right valve in place, pool water stays clean regularly.