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What size catchers mitt do I need for softball?

What size catchers mitt do I need for softball?

SIZING. Remember, catcher’s mitts are measured by their circumference, not by length. Players ages 12 and under will typically look for a mitt around 32.5″ and players 13 and older need catcher’s mitts around 33″ or 34″ so that you can get a full enough pocket for the bigger ball.

Do softball players use catchers mitts?

This also helps the catcher transfer the ball to the hand quicker for that throw down to second. Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitts are tough, strong and very durable – they to be to take the pounding of Fastpitch Softball fastballs every day.

What size of catchers mitt do I need?

32” to 32.5”
SIZING TO FIT In baseball the norm for catchers mitts are: players 13 years old and under, should wear a mitt that is 32” to 32.5” in size. Players 13-16 years old, should wear a mitt 32.5”-33” in size. Players 16 years & older, should wear a mitt 33” & upwards in size.

Is there a difference between a softball catchers glove and a baseball catchers glove?

For catchers mitts there is also a difference in size. Baseball catcher’s gloves are sized anywhere from 32” to 34.5” whereas softball catcher’s gloves are a bit bigger ranging from 33” to 35” since the size of the ball is bigger in softball.

Is a 34 catchers mitt too big?

Catcher’s mitts, on the other hand, can range from 30” to 35”, also depending on age-group and sport. Youth catchers will want a mitt that is 31” and under. Adults will want a mitt that’s 32” and over. So why the huge difference?

What size catchers glove for 13 year old?

Typically, anyone ages 12 and under will require a mitt of 32″ or less, while a player who is 13 or older will usually go for a mitt of 32.5″ or more. You can go bigger or smaller.

Should you steam a catcher’s mitt?

Steaming your glove is easy, quick and effective. However, the process can negatively affect the leather’s fibers. (That’s why steaming voids Wilson’s one-year glove warranty.) Steaming your glove will soften it, but will also make it less durable.

What size catcher’s mitt do most pros use?

Many adult Baseball catcher’s mitts are 33 or 33.5 inches, which as a rule of thumb works well for most in this age bracket. However, you can always choose a mitt that’s a little bit bigger or smaller based on what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Who are the best catchers in softball?

This catchers mitt is lightweight and flexible,making it easy to use

  • It boasts of high efficiency and durability
  • It boasts of the VRS shock absorbing palm padding that helps protect players and cancels out the sting players feel once the palm comes in contact with the ball.
  • What size Mitt does most college fastpitch catchers use?

    34″ is the most common mit size for fastpitch catchers. And at the travel level you’ll see that most catchers are using the A2000 FPCM34. Wilson did make a 33″ version of this glove but i haven’t seen as many of them recently so they may just make the 34″ now.

    Does little league catcher have to use catchers mitt?

    Yes, that is why you often see a team send every batter to the plate with instructions to intentionally hit the catchers mitt and be awarded first base so that the team can round the bases about 1000 times in the inning and take a 1000 to 0 lead in the first inning until the second team comes to bat and does the same thing, and the score is 1000 to 1000 in the first inning.

    What catchers mitt does Victor Martinez use?

    The All-Star CM3200SBT catcher?s mitt is made from premium tanned cowhide and held together with heavy duty rawhide laces which give maximum durability and strength. The black and tan leather also helps to add an additional element of flare. This glove is made for rough use and fast break-in, making it ideal for longer grueling seasons.