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What size is Hermes Picotin?

What size is Hermes Picotin?

Hermès Picotin bags are available in four sizes, the 18cm PM, 22cm MM, 26cm GM, and 33cm TGM.

Is Hermes Picotin hard to get?

A question occasionally asked of our team. The Hermès picotin is a bucket bag and Lindy a more slouched bag with a sporty style. Both Hermès picotin and Lindy can be difficult to find in the Hermès color and finish you love.

What size is picotin mm?

Your Complete Hermès Birkin, Picotin, and Toolbox Size Guide

Hermès Picotin Lock PM 13 cm 13 x 18 x 18 cm
Hermès Picotin Lock MM 22cm 22 x 23 x 18 cm
Hermès Picotin Lock GM 26 cm 26.7 x 26.7 x 22 cm
Hermès Picotin Lock TGM 33 cm 33 x 33 x 23 cm

What is the size of picotin 22?

The Hermès Picotin size 22 measures roughly 8.5” x 9” x 7”, with room to carry your daily essentials in style.

How can you tell Hermes bag size?

A 30 Birkin should measure 30 centimeters across the base of the bag; a 40 Birkin should measure 40 centimeters, and so on. Hermes always stays 100% true to size, so always make the correct measurements when authenticating!

Is Hermes Picotin popular?

4 | The Hermès Picotin: Equestrian Inspired Bucket Bag This Hermès handbag is a popular style thanks to its minimalist, functional design, inspired by horse feed bags. The wide, round shape of the bucket bag allows you to fit all your necessities with ease, and the lock closure provides a sophisticated accent.

What is the smallest size for picotin?

You can find two most popular sizes in a Picotin lock: 18 and 22. Whereas the Picotin 18 is the smallest and the most admirable size which can fit even your branded long wallet, size 22 is a tad bit bigger and can stuff even more! The petite girls out there can easily use this size as a shoulder bag.

How many picotin sizes are there?

four sizes
The Hermes Picotin Lock Bag is available in four sizes, PM, MM, GM and TGM.

What is the most popular size Hermes Birkin bag?

The most popular size is still the Birkin 35cm. due to its creation as a carry-all for actress Jane Birkin. In recent years, mini bags have become trendy; thus, Birkin 30cm’s and 25cm’s have become more popular. Ostrich Birkins are usually produced in and most popular in 30cm size.

What is Hermes Picotin?

It takes its name from an old French term for the measure of oats given to a horse. The Picotin is the perfect equestrian escort, available in unlined leather that showcases the material; or in canvas and leather with outside pockets for a light, casual and functional wear.