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What time do concerts finish at Emirates Stadium?

What time do concerts finish at Emirates Stadium?

WHAT TIME WILL THE CONCERT FINISH? The concert will finish no later than 22:30pm.

What time do gates open at Emirates Stadium?

The stadium is opened 7 days a week for self-guided stadium tours. Entry is from 10:00 am with the last entry at 5:00 pm. There are no tours on matchdays and the stadium may close earlier on the day before a match or event. It takes anything from 55 to 90 minutes to complete the walk around the stadium.

Can you drink beer at the Emirates Stadium?

See the ground regulations for more details. You are also welcome to bring refreshments – snacks and soft drinks brought in small plastic bottles or flasks – to Emirates Stadium. Please note that alcohol cannot be brought into the ground.

Can you buy alcohol at Emirates Stadium?

It normally has a good mix of home and visiting supporters on matchdays. Otherwise, alcohol is available inside the stadium; it will cost you a fair whack though with a pint costing around £6.

Who is supporting killers at Emirates?

Emirates Stadium is the only London venue selected to host the The Killers’ Imploding the Mirage tour, with the band’s sixth studio album – bearing the same name – released in spring 2020. Supporting The Killers will be special guest, Sam Fender.

How long is a Killers concert?

1.75 hours
The Killers concerts typically last 1.75 hours.

How long before kick off should I arrive at the Emirates?

90 minutes
Arriving at the stadium We strongly recommend that all supporters arrive a minimum of 90 minutes before kick-off to avoid queues and delays entering the stadium. Emirates Stadium can be accessed by the North Bank Bridge, Clock End Bridge or the stairs by the Armoury megastore as shown on the map below.

Do you need Covid test to go to Emirates Stadium?

We request everyone attending a match at Emirates Stadium to follow the public health guidance on COVID-19. You should get tested if you have symptoms and please don’t put yourself or others in danger by attending matches if there’s a risk you could pass on COVID-19.

What Block do away fans sit at the Emirates?

South East corner
Away fans visiting the Emirates Stadium are located in the lower tier of the South East corner, with a typical allocation of 3,000.

What TIME Killers on stage Emirates?

The Killers perform at Emirates Old Trafford (doors opening at 4pm) while Ed Sheeran performs at the Etihad, Alicia Keys at the AO Arena and Parklife taking place at Heaton Park.

Where are The Killers playing in 2022?


  • Jun 11 2022. Emirates Old Trafford. Stretford, United Kingdom.
  • Jun 14 2022. Malahide Castle. Malahide, Ireland.
  • Jun 15 2022. Malahide Castle. Malahide, Ireland.
  • Jun 17 2022. Hurricane Festival.
  • Jun 18 2022. Southside Festival.
  • Jun 20 2022. Jun 20 2022 – Jun 22 2022.
  • Jun 21 2022. Milano Summer Festival.
  • Jun 22 2022. Volt Festival.