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What to say instead of it shows?

What to say instead of it shows?

Words on the chart: Demonstrates, Illustrates, Proves, Displays, Reveals, Describes, Highlights, Defines, Illuminates, Clarifies, Exemplifies, Portrays, Emphasises, Encapsulates, Connotes, Depicts, Suggests, Points out, Explains, Confirms, Indicates, Outlines, Exhibits, Establishes, Presents, Points to, Validates.

What is another phrase for this shows that?

What is another word for this shows that?

this demonstrates that this proves that
this confirms that this corroborates that
this validates that this verifies that

What is another word for this shows us?

What is another word for show us?

identify highlight
indicate emphasiseUK
emphasizeUS mention
spotlight advert
denote designate

What are some synonyms of shows?

synonyms for show

  • appearance.
  • display.
  • fair.
  • pageant.
  • parade.
  • presentation.
  • program.
  • spectacle.

What is a better way to say in conclusion?

Other “In Conclusion” Synonyms for Informal Writing By and large. On a final note. Last but not least.

What can I write instead of in conclusion?

Consider one of these other words for in conclusion as a strong option for bringing your paper to an end.

  • altogether,
  • briefly,
  • categorically,
  • chiefly,
  • finally,
  • largely,
  • lastly,
  • mostly,

What does it mean to show something?

show, exhibit, and parade mean to present something so that it will attract attention. show is used of letting another see or examine. Show me a picture of your family. exhibit is used of putting something out for public viewing. The children exhibited their drawings at the fair.

What is another word for “this shows”?

Synonyms for This shows. Synonyms for. This shows. this bears witness. this brings up. this is the proof. accordingly. adv. another way of saying.

What is another word for it shows?

show off; trot out; showcase; deal in; lay bare; set out; disclose; reveal; register; appear; prove; establish; explain; get; reach; show up; project; indicate; note; determine; demonstrate; teach; mark; come; display; present; illustrate; materialize; emerge; loom; evidence; point; divulge; proclaim; discover; manifest; assert; clarify; evince; arrive; elucidate; instruct; unveil; get in; lay out; make out; turn up; be visible; blow in

What are some synonyms for shown?

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What are some synonyms for display?

Synonyms for displays bespeaks, betrays, communicates, declares, demonstrates, evinces, exposes, gives away, manifests, reveals, shows Near Antonyms for displays belies, misrepresents distorts, falsifies, garbles, twists camouflages, disguises gilds, glosses (over), varnishes, whitewashes conceals, counterfeits, covers, hides, masks, obscures,