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What TV shows did people watch in the 80s?

What TV shows did people watch in the 80s?

The Best 1980’s Classic TV Shows

  • 21 Jump Street. View Show. 1987-1991 | FOX.
  • The A-Team. View Show. 1983-1987 | NBC.
  • ALF. View Show. 1986-1990 | NBC.
  • Bosom Buddies. View Show. 1980-1982 | ABC.
  • Cagney & Lacey. View Show. 1981-1988 | CBS.
  • Charlie’s Angels. View Show. 1976-1981 | ABC.
  • Cheers. View Show. 1982-1993 | NBC.
  • CHiPs. View Show.

What was a major change in 1980s TV?

In the 1980s, however, cable television began to experience unprecedented growth. Whereas broadcast TV allowed a viewer to receive the signals of nearby stations over the air with the help of an antenna, cable technology brought a much wider array of channels directly into the home by way of a coaxial cable.

What was on TV 1981?

Top-rated United States television programs of 1981–82

Rank Program Rating
1 Dallas 28.4
2 60 Minutes 27.7
3 The Jeffersons 23.4
4 Three’s Company 23.3

What TV network debuted in 1980?

On June 1, 1980, CNN (Cable News Network), the world’s first 24-hour television news network, makes its debut.

What are the best TV Characters from the 1980s?

From The Golden Girls, The Cosby Show, and Murder, She Wrote all the way to kid favorites like Punky Brewster, Elmo, and Saved By the Bell, these shows greatly impacted the culture of the decade. This list has the best TV characters from classic 1980s television shows. It was the decade where the Pee-Wee Herman was introduced.

What are some TV characters that are iconic?

Phoebe Buffay, Spock, and Olivia Pope are iconic characters. TV shows are filled with memorable moments and iconic characters. Regardless of being praised or criticized, some shows are so impactful that they should be seen by all TV fans.

Who are the most memorable TV Characters of all time?

They range from dramatic standouts like Daenerys on “Game of Thrones ” Daenerys and crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead ” to comedy queens like Phoebe Buffay and Rose Nylund. Here are TV’s most memorable characters of all time. Phoebe Buffay on friends, played by Lisa Kudrow.

Who is the Best Actor in the 80’s TV show CHiPs?

Erik Estrada is an excellent actor and his acting in the hit U.S 80’s T.V Show CHiPs (Californian Highway Patrol Service) was absolutely brilliant. 42. Larry Wilcox Actor |CHiPs