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What was the wettest year in Arizona?

What was the wettest year in Arizona?

It doesn’t look like it’s imminent, but as we go into mid-September, there could be another chance for more rain,” said Rogers. The wettest monsoon season on record for Arizona came in 1984, when more than 9 inches fell on the Phoenix area.

Will there be monsoons in Arizona 2021?

PHOENIX — Monsoon 2021 is coming to an end and it has been intense! From damaging downburst winds to heavy rain and devastating flash flooding, we’ve seen it all across Arizona this season.

What is the monsoon season in Southern Arizona?

The official “monsoon season” in the Southwest starts June 15 and lasts until September 30. Some residents like the break from the 100+ degree heat and the rare wonder of precipitation falling from the heavens.

What city in AZ gets the most rain?

The lake, on White Mountain Apache tribal land near Pinetop-Lakeside, easily tops the historic list of wettest places in Arizona. The 300-acre lake is a popular destination for boating, camping and fishing. Hawley Lake holds the state’s record for most annual precipitation at 58.92 inches in 1978.

Will az have a monsoon in 2022?

PHOENIX – The start of monsoon season is just three weeks away and experts say it could be a wet one as above-normal rainfall is being predicted for the southern half of Arizona. This is good news, especially for farmers and ranchers.

How bad is monsoon season in Arizona?

Monsoon season lasts from June 15 to Sept. 30, and during the season Phoenix sees 33% of its annual rainfall. “This year stands out in stark contrast,” James said while comparing Monsoon 2021 to the past two years.

What month is southwest monsoon?

Southwest Monsoon season. The period June to September is referred to as the ‘Southwest Monsoon’ period. Southwest Monsoon period is the principal rainy season for the Indian subcontinent. This is the summer monsoon period where the southwest monsoon holds away over the country.

Has a tropical storm ever hit Arizona?

August 1968: Two storms approached Arizona in 1968. The first was Tropical Storm Hyacinth in August. It reached the southeastern corner of the state as a tropical depression, and produced showers and thunderstorms over the eastern portion of the state.