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When can you see dolphins in Lovina?

When can you see dolphins in Lovina?

Dolphins can be seen all year round. However, between February and April, the sea becomes turbulent and unfavorable. Therefore, the best time is from May to January. Also keep in mind that July‚ÄďAugust and December are the peak tourist seasons in Lovina, so it could be crowded.

Can I swim with dolphins in Bali?

Places of Interest Will Be Visit During Bali Swim with Dolphin and Snorkeling Tour Packages. Swimming with Dolphin is best option to knowing much the ocean animal directly in front of you. This chance make your holiday in Bali more fun and memorable, interact with cute and friendly Bali dolphins.

Is it better to swim with dolphins in the morning or afternoon?

The best time to see and swim with dolphins is in the early part of the morning when they are feeding. You might also go out later in the day before the sun sets. You can spot dolphins at any time of day, really, but less traffic makes them easier to spot.

What time of day do dolphins come to shore?

Dolphins are most active at the crack of dawn, between 10 am and noon, and from 2 pm till dusk. A great pair of telephoto lenses or binoculars can be invaluable tools to spot dolphins easily.

Is there Whale Watching in Bali?

These experiences are best for dolphin & whale watching in Bali: Dolphins Spotting at Lovina Beach. Sambangan Waterfall Tour with Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling in Northern Bali. Dolphin Watching on Wildlife.

Are there dolphins in Bali?

Dolphins can be found in numerous places. In northern Bali, at Lovina Beach, traditional fishing boats head off in search of dolphins every day before sunrise. At Amed, in eastern Bali, the dolphins swim close to the beach and in the south, you can visit the best dolphin spots by speedboat from Tanjung Benoa and Sanur.

How much is it to swim with dolphins in Bali?

IDR 1.250.000

Deluxe Program IDR 1.500.000 30 Minutes
Swim With Dolphin IDR 1.250.000 30 Minutes
Dolphin Interaction IDR 1.000.000 30 Minutes
Dolphin Watching Observer IDR 525.000 30 minutes

What type of dolphins are in Bali?

The island has whales as well, although the sightings are not as frequent as that of dolphins. There are at least 14 species of whales and dolphins in Bali, including spinners, spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Fraser’s dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and rough-toothed dolphins.

What should you not do while swimming with dolphins?

Dolphins have very sensitive skin and, since you will be able to touch them during your interaction, we suggest you avoid wearing sunscreen, oils or perfumes.

What whales are in Bali?

In Raja Ampat, both sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) and Bryde’s whales (Balaenoptera brydei) are seen regularly and in great numbers; their role in the health of the marine ecosystem in Raja Ampat is profound.