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Where are the subtropical areas?

Where are the subtropical areas?

The subtropical zones or subtropics are geographical and climate zones located to the north and south of the Tropics. Geographically part of the North and South temperate zones, they cover the latitudes from 23°26′11.0″ (or 23.43638°) to approximately 45° in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Which part of India is tropical and subtropical?

Climate in South India is generally hotter and more humid due to its coasts. Though the Tropic of Cancer—the boundary that is between the tropics and subtropics—passes through the middle of India, the bulk of the country can be regarded as climatically tropical.

Does India lie in subtropical region?

India lies in the northern hemisphere and is between 8 degrees 4 north latitude and 37 degrees 6 north latitude. This area is between the equator and 38 north latitude. Hence, by definition, India lies entirely in the tropical and subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere.

What is meant by subtropical region?

/ˌsʌbˈtrɑː.pɪ.kəl/ belonging to or relating to parts of the world that are immediately south or north of the tropics (= the hottest areas) and have very hot weather at some times of the year: a subtropical climate. Subtropical regions are cooler than equatorial regions.

What states are subtropical?

Warming winters allow these organisms to spread north, especially into the eight subtropical U.S. mainland states: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

What are the tropical and subtropical regions?

The ‘tropics,’ which are the regions of the Earth around the equator, between the tropics of cancer in the north and the tropics of Capricorn in the south, are among the several zones of the Earth. In both hemispheres, the subtropics are roughly between the tropics of cancer and Capricorn and the 40th parallel.

Is Chennai tropical or subtropical?

tropical wet
Chennai features a tropical wet and dry climate. Chennai lies on the thermal equator and is also coastal, which prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. For most of the year, the weather is hot and humid.

What is tropical and subtropical region?

Is Kerala a tropical region?

Kerala’s climate is mainly wet and maritime tropical, heavily influenced by the seasonal heavy rains brought up by the monsoon.

What is the difference between tropical and subtropical regions?

Tropics and Subtropics The portion of the world found between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn is known as the Tropics. The subtropics are the geographical and climatical zone of the Earth immediately north and south of the Tropics.

What is tropical and subtropical regions?

What are tropical and subtropical region?