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Where can I buy Transmogrification potion?

Where can I buy Transmogrification potion?

Where can I get one? You can get a Transmogrification Potion through the Trading Post and Auctions mainly, however Dr. Sloth may also give you on in a Random Event. The Neocola Machine also has a slim chance to give you one.

What are morphing potions?

Morphing potions are magical items that can change your Neopet’s color and/or your Neopet’s species. For example, a Red Elephante Morphing Potion would obviously change a Blue Elephante’s color to red.

How do you make a morphing potion?

If you’d like to change your Neopet’s species and its colour all in one go, then a Morphing Potion may be what you’re looking for. These magical mixtures come in glass bottles, and are mostly sold in Kauvara’s Magic Shop, though they can also be won from the Wheel of Excitement.

How do I change the color of my neopet?

How can I change my pets species/color? There are a number of ways you can change your Neopet’s species or colour. Most commonly you can buy a Magical Paintbrush and then go to the Rainbow Pool. You can paint different pets in different colours, go to the Rainbow Pool for the full list before you buy a brush.

How do you turn your neopet into a mutant?

There is only one way to change a pet into a Mutant (maybe two ways, since the Lab Ray is available, but that’s a whole different story), you either go to Kauvara’s Magic Shop and buy the Transmogrification Potion or visit the Shop Wizard.

Can you paint a mutant Neopet?

A Transmogrification Potion is a bottled item that your pet can consume to change into a Mutant of the species in the potion’s name. Your pet can be painted with a Paint Brush afterwards, but will have the normal (not mutated) body shape for that species.

Can you zap a Lutari?

Zapping a Lutari You can also, with the help of the lab ray, zap an existing pet into a Lutari! This is the chanciest way to obtain one if you already have the lab ray, but if you do not already have it then it is actually expensive for just a slim chance.

How do you make a Neopet jelly?

Jelly is a food from Jelly World and a colour for pets. The only way to get a Jelly Pet is through the Secret Laboratory.