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Where can I camp for free in Broome?

Where can I camp for free in Broome?

18 Free Camps You Need To Know About in Broome & The North West

  • Willie Creek Camp.
  • North of Willie Creek.
  • James Price Point.
  • Nillibubbica Rest Area.
  • Fitzroy River Camp Spots.
  • Three Mile Pool.
  • The Lake Ellendale.
  • Giant Boab Tree Rest Area.

Can you camp on the beach in Broome?

This has allowed conditional free camping in the southern section of the Cable Beach Surf Club carpark for a maximum of three nights in any 28 consecutive nights, with camping hours between 5pm and 7am.

Can you sleep on Cable Beach?

We have met backpackers camping at Town Beach and Cable Beach. Of course, camping is also prohibited here, but you will not be punished if you get caught – however, we do not recommend doing this every day.

Can you camp at Coconut Wells?

Our relaxed itinerary and permanent campsites on 10 out of 11 nights, allows more time to enjoy this ancient, spectacular landscape. We only use the latest and most comfortable camping equipment and ensure that it is well maintained. Don’t ‘rough-it’, share this unique experience with us in safety, comfort and style.

Can you swim at James Price Point?

James Price Point – A Local Hideaway Red cliffs loomed over the pristine white sand, all set off by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. There are no facilities here, so bring your own picnic and drinking water, and spend a peaceful day swimming and relaxing. Just like the locals do.

Where can you camp on Cable Beach?

Broome’s Original and Best Caravan Park – Just Five Minutes from Cable Beach. Just five minutes walk to the world famous Cable Beach, the Cable Beach Caravan Park is the most popular caravan park in Broome. The large and shady sites are set amongst mature trees that catch the sea breeze.

Is whalesong campground open?

Whale Song Campground and operations is closed in 2020 until further notice.

Where can you legally camp in WA?

You may camp at a caravan park or campground, or you may camp elsewhere under the following rules: For up to 24 hours in a caravan or other vehicle in a roadside rest area. For up to 24 hours in a road reserve if you need to rest in an emergency.

Can you wild camp in Western Australia?

Western Australia has plenty of wilderness but wild camping, or bush camping as the Aussies call it, isn’t always as easy as you might think. While camping out in the middle of nature is certainly popular, most locals do this after a day of hiking away from civilization.

Is it better to stay in Cable Beach or Broome?

If you stay in town there are plenty of restaurants and shops to fill in your time. Cable Beach is very up market and you will be limited with restaurants and will pay though the nose for it. Cable Beach hotel is a large accommodation processing line. Hotels in Broome are a little more private.

How many nights should you stay in Broome?

Three to four days in Broome is plenty. If you’re planning on also doing more North West exploring from there, stay a week or so. There are many supermarkets in Broome, where you can stock up on supplies and fresh produce. Mobile reception is good in the town, but can be patchy once you leave.

Where can I camp near Broome WA?

Top 10 free campsites near Broome, WA 1 Willie Creek North 2 Pete’s Paradise 3 Willie Creek Free Camp 4 Barred Creek (East Side) 5 Barred Creek And Beach Camping (South Side) 6 Barred Creek (North Side) 7 Quondong Point or Quandong Point 8 Roebuck Plains Rest Area 9 Dampier Camp 10 Rest Area

Is there free camping in the Shire of Broome?

There is no free camping in the Shire of Broome, which includes sleeping in a vehicle, tent, caravan, swag etc. Camping is only permitted in designated caravan parks or camping grounds or temporary caravan park facilities when available. Camping on private property requires permission from the owner for periods up to three days.

When is the best time to go camping in Broome?

If you are planning to come to Broome for a camping/caravanning holiday between May and September, especially the school holiday periods, please ensure you book a site early to avoid disappointment. There are seven licensed caravan parks within the immediate townsite. Several will accept pets throughout the year including peak times.

Where can I camp for free in Washington State?

Free Camping WA 1 Stockton Lake Recreation Area – Free Camping. Stockton Lake free camping area is a very unique spot. 2 Bettys Beach Free Campgrounds. If you are in the Albany area and south-west coast of WA one of the places you have to stop by for a free camp is 3 Cape Range National Park Camping.