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Where can I fish in Nagambie?

Where can I fish in Nagambie?

GoFish Nagambie Hot Spots

  • GOULBURN WEIR. Goulburn Weir is the largest expanse of water on the Nagambie Lakes system and it is loaded with standing timber… which means cod!
  • KIRWANS BRIDGE. This area is loaded with so many options, so much structure and great fishing opportunities.

What fish can you catch in Lake Nagambie?

At lake Nagambie, you can catch golden perch ( yellowbelly ), Murray cod, redfin, rainbow trout, brown trout, carp, and crayfish. If you plan on fishing with bait then scrub worms, earthworms, power bait, yabbies, minnows and mudeye are a great choice.

How do you catch trout in the Goulburn River?

Targeting Trout at Goulburn River If your bait fishing, then Mudeye, scrub worms, power bait, yabbies and minnows suspended from a float or a running sinker rig are great options when targeting trout at this location. Trout are more active in cold conditions with most catches on the first and last light of the day.

Can you swim in Lake Nagambie?

Yes, you can swim in Lake Nagambie. You can also do other water activities such as fishing, canoeing, sailing, and going on a cruise.

Where can I fish the Goulburn river?

Access is good at a number of road bridges such as at ‘the Breakaway’, on Breakaway Road or Gilmores Bridge on the Goulburn Valley Highway near Thornton. Other recognised fishing spots are Rennie, S Bends, Valley, Eildon Water and Point Hill. There is good bank fishing at these locations.

Where can I fish on the Goulburn River?

What fish are in the Goulburn Weir?

Contains redfin to 800g, tench, carp, goldfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, blackfish, golden perch, Australian smelt, flat-headed galaxias and Murray spiny crayfish. Predominant fish caught by anglers are carp, redfin and occasional golden perch.

Is there fish in Lake Nagambie?

Golden perch
Murray codRainbow troutBrown troutTench
Lake Nagambie/Fish

Is Nagambie worth visiting?

Wine lovers are in paradise in Nagambie. The lake region produces some of the best wines in the country, so many visitors choose this destination only to try its finest. Mitchelton, Fowles Wine, David Traeger Wines, and the 1860 Tahbilk are some of the renowned wineries in the area worth visiting.

What kind of fish are in the Goulburn River?

The river contains brown trout to 1.4 kg with most fish around 500 g, some rainbow trout to 250 g, small redfin, roach, European carp, goldfish, blackfish, Murray spiny crayfish and Murray cod in the lower reaches.

Can you walk around Nagambie lake?

Lake Nagambie is a 170 hectare artificial lake created in 1891 by the damming of the Goulburn River at Goulburn Weir. This walk takes you as far as you can go on foot from the town centre along the waterfront, before terminating at a small beach with picnic shelter. There is plenty of car parking along High Street.

Lake Nagambie is a lake in Victoria, Australia. The most popular species caught here are Murray cod, Golden perch, and European perch. 204 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Please use your best judgement when determining where you can fish, and make sure you follow local regulations.

How long does it take to drive to Lake Nagambie?

Lake Nagambie is a roughly 90 minutes drive from Melbourne and roughly 40 minutes drive from Shepparton. This 170-hectare manmade lake is a shallow system backing onto the Goulburn river. This scenic fishing spot is enjoyed by boats, kayaks and land-based anglers.

Where to take a family holiday in Nagambie?

Lake Nagambie is a lovely and scenic location to take the family. The lake is situated directly off the main street and has nearby family-friendly accommodation and cabins. There are plenty of water activities such as Canoe and kayaking.

Where are the best trout streams in the Goulburn River?

A small tributary of the upper Goulburn River and can be reached from the Woods Point Road near Knockwood. Has extreme fluctuations in flow but is an important trout spawning stream for fish from the Goulburn River.