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Where does the CT River start and end?

Where does the CT River start and end?

Long Island SoundConnecticut River / MouthLong Island Sound is a marine sound and tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean, lying predominantly between the U.S. state of Connecticut to the north, and Long Island in New York to the south. Wikipedia

Where does CT River start?

Fourth Connecticut LakeConnecticut River / Source

Where is the deepest part of the Connecticut River?

Deepest part of Connecticut River – French King Bridge.

What are the 3 major rivers in CT?

The 10 Longest Rivers in Connecticut

Rank River Length (km)
1 Connecticut River 655
2 Housatonic River 224
3 Quinebaug River 111
4 Farmington River 76

What cities does the Connecticut River run through?

Connecticut River
Region New England
State Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire
Cities Springfield, Massachusetts, Hartford, Connecticut
Physical characteristics

What towns are in the Connecticut River Valley?

SpringfieldConnecticut River / Cities

Is the Connecticut River saltwater or freshwater?

The Connecticut River has a mean freshwater discharge of 560 cubic meters/second, a rate comparable to that of major rivers such as the Hudson and Delaware. In contrast to the valleys of these rivers, the lower valley of the Connecticut River is tightly constricted by hills of crystalline bedrock .

Are there salmon in the Connecticut River?

In Connecticut, small numbers of anadromous adults run up the Connecticut River and its larger tributaries. Young salmon are stocked into numerous tributary streams within the Connecticut and Pawcatuck River drainages, where they can be abundant.

How many rivers Does Connecticut have?

Its watershed encompasses 11,260 square miles (29,200 km2), covering parts of five U.S. states and one Canadian province, via 148 tributaries, 38 of which are major rivers….

Connecticut River
• coordinates 41°16′20″N 72°20′03″W
Length 410 mi (660 km)
Basin size 11,260 sq mi (29,200 km2)

What town is at the mouth of the Connecticut River?

Long Island Sound

Connecticut River
Mouth Long Island Sound
• location Old Saybrook and Old Lyme, Connecticut
• coordinates 41°16′20″N 72°20′03″W
Length 410 mi (660 km)

Why is the Connecticut River so dirty?

SPRINGFIELD — Every year, the city’s antiquated, inadequate sewage system pumps hundreds of thousands of pounds of pollution into the Connecticut River, sending it flowing south through Connecticut and eventually into Long Island Sound.

What are the major rivers in CT?

Connecticut River. The 407 mile long Connecticut River is the longest river in the New England area which flows through four states.

  • Housatonic River. Housatonic River is a 149 mile long river in western Connecticut and Massachusetts which empties into the Long Island Sound.
  • Quinebaug River.
  • Farmington River.
  • Quinnipiac River.
  • Scantic River.
  • Where does the CT River start?

    The Connecticut River is the longest river in New England. Designated the “long tidal river” by the Algonquian peoples of southern New England, it stretches over 410 miles and passes through four states—starting at the northern tip of New Hampshire along the Quebec border and passing through Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut on its

    What is the longest river in Connecticut?

    The Connecticut River is a mighty river that isn’t only the longest in our state, but all of New England. If you grew up in the Bay State, there’s a good chance you’ve driven over this massive river in Pioneer Valley or a tiny town or two.

    What are the major rivers and lakes in Connecticut?

    – Fivemile River – Noroton River – Rippowam River – also known as Mill River in its lower end in Stamford – Mianus River – Byram River – Westernmost river basin in Connecticut