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Where is Bergeracs car now?

Where is Bergeracs car now?

After filming on this show had finished, by which time the car was in very poor condition due to its extensive usage, it was auctioned for thirty-four thousand pounds sterling as part of the Children in Need appeal.

What is the car that Bergerac drive?

A TV cop’s best friend is his car John Nettles is still best remembered for Bergerac, the television detective drama based in Jersey, and the Triumph Roadster that he drove.

Who owned Bergerac car?

This very car was used by the BBC from 1985 to 1991 in making the television series Bergerac. The Triumph Roadster as a model is instantly recognisable and has a strong association with the TV Detective series where it was driven by actor John Nettles.

Who is playing the new Bergerac?

Produced by the BBC in association with the Australian Seven Network, and first screened on BBC1, it stars John Nettles as the title character Jim Bergerac, who is initially a detective sergeant in Le Bureau des Étrangers (“The Foreigners’ Office”, a fictional department dealing with non-Jersey residents), within the …

Who made the Mayflower car?

the Standard Motor Company
The Triumph Mayflower is a British four-seat 11⁄4-litre small luxury car noted for its razor-edge styling. It was built by the Standard Motor Company and sold by Standard’s subsidiary, The Triumph Motor Company.

Who played Bergerac’s girlfriend?

Celia Imrie as Marie Ann Belshade and John Nettles as Bergerac. Celia appeared in series two only as Bergerac’s girlfriend but was open about her dislike of Jersey in her autobiography.

How did Bergerac meet Susan?

Plans for this reservoir were referred to at the start of season four, when Bergerac was forced to seek new accommodation because of them, in the process meeting an estate agent who became his new girlfriend (Susan Young).

Where is John Nettles now?

In 2020 Nettles took over as the narrator on the Channel 4 television show Devon and Cornwall, a sister show to the network’s The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes programme.

Why did Bergerac get Cancelled?

A spokesman for the BBC said: “Due to the sensitive nature of the public hearing into incidents at Haut de la Garenne and out of respect for the victims, the BBC has decided, for the moment, to postpone episodes of Bergerac.”

Who made the vanguard car?

Vanguard Utility In 1950, the Australian subsidiary of the Standard Motor Company introduced a coupé utility version of the Vanguard Phase I. It was fitted with the same 2088 cc four-cylinder engine as used in the saloon.