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Where is goldheart from?

Where is goldheart from?

Goldheart is one of several Singapore-based jewelry chains owned by the Aspial Corporation, a jewelry, property development, and financial services company founded in 1970.

Are Blue Nile rings worth it?

Blue Nile diamonds are absolutely legit. But because they cost less than diamonds at brick-and-mortar retailers, it’s understandable how someone shopping for a diamond might be skeptical. The price difference is all in the business model.

What is a celestial diamond?

What are Celestial Diamonds? They are normal, genuine, earth mined, untreated natural diamonds. We trademarked the name that we call the type of diamonds that we use – gray toned, and with inclusions we adore. These diamonds are found in the ground, made by nature, and completely untouched by any treatment.

What is better VS or VVS?

VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) diamonds are a grade better than VS (Very Slightly Included) diamonds. VS diamonds (both VS1 and VS2) contain a small number of inclusions when the diamond is viewed under 10x magnification.

Is Goldheart a good place to buy a diamond ring?

Despite this, it’s hard to recommend Goldheart as a place to buy a diamond ring. The prices are simply too high and the quality isn’t consistent. Instead of shopping here, you’ll find better prices and more consistent quality with at a reputable online jeweler like Blue Nile or James Allen.

What is the customer service like at Goldheart?

The ambiance and customer service at the Goldheart stores we visited were both well above average. We loved both of the salespeople we worked with. Overall, Goldheart’s service was excellent at both of the locations we visited.

Where to buy Goldheart in Singapore?

These days, Goldheart is easy to find throughout Singapore, with stores in a variety of upmarket shopping centers and neighborhoods. Our first experience secret shopping Goldheart took place in the Diamond Promenade at ION Orchard. Experience-wise, Goldheart was the best store we visited at the Promenade.

Which is the best diamond jewelry brand in Singapore?

With 21 stores in Singapore, Goldheart is one of the largest diamond jewelers in the city-state. One of Goldheart’s focuses is bridal jewelry. The brand’s retail stores tend to stock a wide range of bridal jewelry sets.