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Where is Papaoneone beach Hawaii?

Where is Papaoneone beach Hawaii?

Papaoneone Beach is a great little hidden beach that’s about 1/4 of a mile long with clear blue waters located along the Waianae coast on the island of O’ahu.

What does Papaoneone mean in Hawaiian?

The Hawaiian name of this beach is Papaoneone Beach, but it is more commonly known as Turtle Beach, named for the Sea Turtles who like to feed on the seaweed that grows on the reef here. These Sea Turtles can frequently be seen in the early morning hours just offshore.

What is Makaha known for?

Makaha Beach is famous worldwide for its surfing waves. During the winter surf season waves up to 25 feet high break off Makaha Point, providing some of the most challenging big waves in Hawai’i.

What beach has the clearest water in Hawaii?

The island of Kauai offers some of Hawaii’s cleanest and clearest waters. Ke’e Beach Park features a reef lagoon that is home to green sea turtles and vibrant reef fish.

What is the prettiest beach in Hawaii?

20 Best Beaches in Hawaii for an Unforgettable Trip

  • Hanauma Bay – Best beaches in Hawaii.
  • Kaanapali Beach.
  • Waimea Bay.
  • Kumimi Beach.
  • Oneloa Beach.
  • Mauna Kea Beach.
  • Hookipa Beach.
  • Lanikai Beach.

What is the best month for Hawaii?

When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii? The best weather in Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October. November to March are the rainiest months, and June through November is hurricane season – though big storms are rare. Winter also brings the best waves for surfing, especially on north shore beaches.

Is Waianae safe for tourists?

It’s Safe, But Don’t Wander Around at Night Daytime along the Waianae coast is completely safe for tourists, but what about sundown? There’s nothing wrong with visiting the 24-hour Long’s Drugs to pickup snacks when hunger pangs strike at 11 PM. Public areas where shops and eateries are open for business are harmless.