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Where is Sialkot in Pakistan map?

Where is Sialkot in Pakistan map?


Sialkot سیالکوٹ
Sialkot Location in Pakistan Show map of Punjab, Pakistan Show map of Pakistan Show all
Coordinates: 32°29′33″N 74°31′52″E
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab

What was the old name of Sialkot?

There are various sources tracing the origins of the city of Sialkot (ancient name:Sagala also spelt Sakala) but the authenticity of many of these sources varies. The less-reliable historical sources about the origins of the city have been derived from oral traditions.

What is Sialkot Pakistan famous for?

Sialkot is known for manufacturing and export of many items such as surgical instruments, musical instruments, sports goods, leather goods, textile goods etc. Sialkot is the second largest source of foreign exchange earnings for Pakistan because of its exports’ and remittances from overseas manpower.

When did Sialkot become a part of Pakistan?

In 1930, the Tehsils of Rayya Daska and Pasrur were split up and parts of these were amalgamated in District Gujranwala. After the partition of British India in 1947, Sialkot came under Pakistani rule.

How old is Sialkot city?

about 5,000 years old
Sialkot (Urdu/Punjabi: سیالکوٹ) is a city of 656,000 people (2017) in the northeast of the Pakistani province of Punjab. The city is about 5,000 years old.

Which city of Pakistan is called Switzerland?

Swat is a place for those who want to see the beauty of Pakistan. Swat is the historical valley in Pakistan. It is consisting of beautiful sights that tourists visit ever year.

What country is Sialkot in?

It is located in the north-east of the province. The city of Sialkot is the capital of the district. It is the third-richest city in Pakistan. The Sialkot Cantonment was established in 1852….Sialkot District.

Sialkot District ضلع سيالكوٹ
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
Division Gujranwala
Capital Sialkot

Is Sialkot a good city?

Sialkot is an important city of Pakistan. It is one of those cities which have the largest number of population. Sialkot is located near the cities of Gujranwala and Gujrat. All of these cities form the Golden Triangle of expert economies.

Which is the district of Sialkot?

The district was subdivided into five tehsils, namely: Sialkot, Pasrur, Zafarwal, Raya and Daska, the headquarters of each being at the place from which it is named. The chief towns of the district were Sialkot, Daska, Jamki, Pasrur, Kila Sobha Singh, Zafarwal and Narowal.

Is Sialkot safe to visit?

Sialkot is a safe city as compared to the other cities of Pakistan. Crimes such as pocketing and robbery are not very common. Violent crime is very rare. The people of Sialkot are friendly to the visitors.

What is Sialkot city famous for?

How many villages are there in Sialkot?

Population of Cities, Towns and Villages of District Sialkot according to Census 2017

Serial No Name of City, Town or Village Population Updated in 2017
20 BHARATH 18,658
21 GONDAL 14,353
22 SHATAB GARH 13,892
23 PACCI KOTLI 13,698

What is the postal code of Sialkot?

Sialkot/Zip codes