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Where is the VIN number on a 1963 Ford Galaxie?

Where is the VIN number on a 1963 Ford Galaxie?

The plate is located on the rear (lock) face of the left front door panel. The 1963 Warranty Plate is similar to the one used for 1962. However, the SERIAL NUMBER has been changed to VEHICLE WARRANTY NUMBER.

What engine came in a 1963 Galaxie 500?

The 500XL’s calling card was its selection of engines; unlike other Galaxies, the premium model used a standard V-8. When this model arrived in 1963, it used a V-8; this engine was replaced halfway through the model year with the new V-8.

What is the rarest Ford Galaxie?

1962 FORD GALAXIE 500. Lot #425 – The first year Galaxie 500, 1962, is the most rare and elusive of all Galaxies. Even more rare, this car is equipped with its original 390ci Z-code high-performance 4-barrel engine with original factory cast-iron headers and ultra-rare FoMoCo aluminum intake manifold.

How many 1963 Galaxie 500 were made?

“Ford built 18,551 Galaxie 500 XLs in 1963, but fewer than 100 had the R-code engine.” As with many such showroom efforts, the 500 XL R-code came from the world of motorsports.

How do I read an old Ford Vin?

How to Decode a Ford VIN?

  1. 1 = Country of manufacture (United States)
  2. F = Manufacturer (Ford)
  3. D = Vehicle Type (Incomplete Vehicle)
  4. X = Restraint Type.
  5. F46 = Model (Ford F-Series, F-450, Regular Cab, 2WD)
  6. S = Engine Type (6.8 SOHC SEFI V10; Gasoline 275HP)
  7. 1 = Security Code.
  8. 2 = Model Year (2002)

Where is the VIN on a 1963 Ford Falcon?

1 Answer. They should be stamped on the driver side fender apron in the engine compartment.

What engine was in a 1963 Ford Galaxie?

The 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL has a 390 cubic-inch V8 engine under the hood paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. The car has emblems on the front fenders that call out a 427 V8 engine, but those are just for show as the seller says the engine is the 390 cubic-inch V8 mentioned.

What is the overall length of a 1963 Ford Galaxie?


Doors : 2
Length : 209.0 in | 5309 mm.
Wheelbase : 119.0 in | 3023 mm.