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Where should I sit at Kyle Field?

Where should I sit at Kyle Field?

The best seats at Kyle Field are located in the 100 level in sections 104-107 and 141-144. When sitting in these sections, it is important to sit above row 10, as sitting in row 10 or higher will provide you with the necessary height to see the plays develop from all corners of the field.

Where should I sit at A&M game?

The best seats are located in the sections closest to midfield such as Field Box Sections 5 through 8 on the Texas A&M side that would provide enough rise to watch plays develop while still having a great view of the entire field, or in sections 124 through 127 on the field level of the visitor’s side, while keeping in …

What was the largest crowd in Kyle Field history?

110,633 people
Kyle Field’s largest game attendance was 110,633 people when Texas A&M lost to the Ole Miss Rebels by the score of 35–20 on October 11, 2014.

Does Kyle Field have seats?

102,733Kyle Field / Capacity

Can you take stadium seats into Kyle Field?

Personal stadium seats are allowed in Kyle Field but cannot be in excess of 16 inches in width. Stadium seats are available for gameday or season rentals through IMG College Seating.

What is allowed in Kyle Field?

Bring a clear bag If you’re planning to bring a bag into Kyle Field to carry things such as sunscreen, a wallet, or a 12th Man towel, be sure it’s clear and no larger than 12” wide or tall per the clear bag policy. The only non-clear bags permitted are small clutch bags the size of a hand.

How many seats are in a row at Kyle Field?

10 seats
Sections on the west sideline feature no more than 10 seats in each row, and will also have the sun at their back sooner than fans on the east sideline.

Can you drink in Kyle Field?

Q: With this change in policy, can fans bring their own alcohol into the stadium this year? A: No. The possession or consumption of alcohol not sold within Kyle Field remains strictly prohibited.

Can I bring a vape into Kyle Field?

SMOKING POLICY Smoking, vaping and use of any tobacco products are not allowed anywhere inside Kyle Field.

Do all seats at Kyle Field have a back?

Stadium Seats At Kyle Field only about 20% of seats have a chair with a back. In fact, some of the best seats in the stadium – including all sideline seating on the East side – do not have a chairback. Instead, fans are seated on a bleacher-style seat with no back support.

What is the capacity of Kyle Field?

The redeveloped Kyle Field features an expanded seating capacity of 102,733, making it one of the five largest stadiums in collegiate football. The $485 million redevelopment was completed in two phases and made its debut for the 2015 season.

How do I get a ride to Kyle Field?

Call 979.847.RIDE (7433) prior to gameday. Paratransit service is available from Lot 88, next to the General Services Complex, to Kyle Field (Zone entrance) 3 hours prior to kick-off until 1.5 hours after the game. For questions, call 979.847.RIDE (7433) prior to gameday.

What is Kyle Field known for?

Kyle Field is a top-notch venue located in College Station, TX. As many fans will attest to, Kyle Field is known to be one of the best places to catch live entertainment around town. The Kyle Field is known for hosting the Texas A&M Aggies but other events have taken place here as well.