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Which is better Panther or Tiger tank?

Which is better Panther or Tiger tank?

The Panther was a compromise. While having essentially the same Maybach V12 petrol (690 hp) engine as the Tiger I, it had more effective frontal hull armour, better gun penetration, was lighter and faster, and could traverse rough terrain better than the Tiger I.

Was the T-34-85 a good tank?

T-34/85 tanks have been used in combat in most of the world’s trouble spots and may still be found in service, being tough and simple to maintain. One of the most successful tanks of the Second World War.

Was the Panther the best WW2 tank?

The Panzerkampfwagen V or Panther was the best German tank of World War II and possibly the best medium tank fielded by any of the combatants in World War II. The other contender for the accolade of best tank is the Soviet T34, earlier versions of which inspired some aspects of the design of the Panther.

Was the Panther the best ww2 tank?

How did the Panther compare to the T-34-85?

The Panther was an all-new design that incorporated many technologies that had never been seen before in German tanks. The T-34-85, by contrast, was the culmination of a long process of incremental improvement designed with high-volume production in mind. On paper, the Panther was by far the superior vehicle. But how did they compare in practice?

What is the difference between a T34 and a 34/85?

Ah the T34 the soviet workhorse, the 34/85 was equipped with a much larger gun an 85mm hence the designation. It had a slightly larger crew a three man turret and some later models had an improved radio systems. Imagine if you will a f150 truck being the regular t34 now a t34/85 is an f150 with a beefier engine and transmission.

How good was the armor on the T-34?

The T-34–85 had decent armour, around 90mm for both hull and turret los vs the Tigers 100–110mm los. The 88mm was contrary to popular belief, not really any better than the 85mm. The caliber is nearly the same, the velocity is nearly the same, the shell type is nearly the same.

How many T-34 tanks did the Tiger tank destroy?

On July 8th, 1943, a Tiger tank commanded by Franz Staudegger took on fifty attacking T-34 tanks as the only armored vehicle on its side (though it did have infantry support), destroying twenty-seven enemy tanks and forcing the remainder to break off their attack and fall back.