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Which is the best BITSAT mock test series?

Which is the best BITSAT mock test series?

Ans: Embibe provides one of the best online free test series for BITSAT. The detailed analysis helps aspirants to score exceptionally well.

Is Mathongo test series for BITSAT good?

Mathongo’s BITSAT test series are one of the best test series I came across. I practiced the BITSAT test series through the Mathongo platform, and my score was 376 on the BITSAT examination.

Is masterclass space good for BITSAT?

I can say Masterclass Space is the best institute of SAT, ACT, AP and any other test prep they provide in future because the energy and passion of teachers and their friendly attitude is amazing.

Is DoPrep good for BITSAT?

“This is the best test series available for BITSAT” It helped because the questions faced on the final day very similar, in terms of content and difficulty level. There was only 10-15 marks variation with the BITSAT score and my DoPrep test scores.

How is MathonGo BITSAT test series Quora?

The tests were exactly at the bitsat level and gave me in depth analysis of each test. 10 tests were worth ₹750/- and since I had less time I could manage only 10 tests and others were giving many tests like 20–25 which would have been tough to complete.

Is Arihant mock test good for BITSAT?

Arihant test series is a little bit tougher than actual BITSAT, I used to score around 360 in test series while I scored 426 in BITSAT (old exam pattern). And yes, if you want to score 350+ in BITSAT, bonus questions are a must.

How is MathonGo BITSAT crash course Quora?

I joined the mathongo crash course one month before April because I needed a well structured revision plan for maths and it worked wonderfully! The live sessions with Anup sir were pretty good too as he thoroughly explained every doubt and also taught new ways to solve some questions.

How is Mathongo Bitsat Test series Quora?

Is Arihant difficult?

No , They are not very difficult but definitely tougher than other sample papers. If your preparation is on slightly weaker side then questions may appear hard to you.

Is Arihant maths enough for Bitsat?

Yes, Arihant book is good for your preparation. It is very good for chemistry preparation. For Maths you can also go for RD Sharma and for Physics you can go for HC Verma and IE Irodov. To score good marks it is also very important to refer previous year papers and mock test series for your practice.

Who is Mohit Tyagi?

mohit tyagi – Director – Competishun | LinkedIn.

Who is Anup Gupta MathonGo?

He has been bussiness Consultant At Entri- the Learning app for 2 Months. In 2017 he become co- founder of Mindshift Application, then Quizrr in 2018. In 2018 he Founded MathomGo in. He did Internship at Sedulity Solution, Intern, Software intern, Microsoft as a summer school student .