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Who are the 4 ghosts in Harry Potter?

Who are the 4 ghosts in Harry Potter?

Six ghosts are specifically named in the books: the four House ghosts (Nearly Headless Nick of Gryffindor House, the Fat Friar of Hufflepuff House, the Grey Lady of Ravenclaw House, the Bloody Baron of Slytherin House); Professor Binns, the History of Magic teacher; and Moaning Myrtle.

Does each Hogwarts house have a ghost?

Each of the four Hogwarts houses has its own ghost. Slytherin boasts the Bloody Baron, who is covered in silver bloodstains. The least talkative of the house ghosts is the Grey Lady, who is long-haired and beautiful.

What is the Slytherin house ghost covered in?

After his death, he became one of the ghosts that haunts Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the ghost of Slytherin House. Covered in Helena Ravenclaw’s blood to this day, he earned himself the moniker of “Bloody Baron”.

Who is the house ghost of Hufflepuff?

the Fat Friar
The Head of Hufflepuff is Pomona Sprout and the Fat Friar is the House’s patron ghost.

Which ghost killed the GREY lady?

The Baron
The Baron killed Helena when she refused to return with him, before killing himself out of regret for what he had done. She and the Baron eventually returned as ghosts to Hogwarts Castle, where Helena is the Ghost of Ravenclaw House.

Is Moaning Myrtle a Hufflepuff?

Moaning Myrtle Born in the late 1920s to Muggle parents, Myrtle Warren started her Hogwarts life in the early 1940s, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

How come Harry’s parents aren’t ghosts?

So Harry’s parents were less afraid of death, and so they chose not to stay behind as ghosts.

Why was Peeves afraid of the Bloody Baron?

He has also been known to show an affinity for rare students (notably Fred and George Weasley), and is certainly afraid of the ghost of Slytherin, the Bloody Baron. So, it seems it’s simply that the Bloody Baron scares Peeves, and Peeves listens due to his fear.

Why is peeves scared of the Bloody Baron?

What house is Headless Nick in?

Nearly Headless Nick He was originally born in the 15th century to a family of nobles, which he left at the age of 11 to attend Hogwarts. He was sorted into Gryffindor – the house that, hundreds of years later, he would go on to represent as house ghost.

What is the patron ghost of Slytherin House?

The patron ghost of the house was the Bloody Baron. Slytherin corresponded roughly with the element of water due to serpents being commonly associated with the sea and lochs in western European mythology, as well as serpents being physically fluid and flexible animals.

What is Slytherin house called in Harry Potter?

In early drafts of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, members of the Slytherin house were known as “Slytherites”. Slytherin House was the winner of the first, third and seventh house cup on Pottermore.

Why is Slytherin such a bad house?

Merlin (of King Arthur fame) was also a Slytherin. It might also be possible (though quite unlikely) that the Sorting Hat simply sorts anyone with ill intentions into Slytherin, regardless of whether they possess cunning and ambition, which helped to unfairly give this house a bad name.

What is the origin of Slytherin?

Slytherin’s founder, Salazar Slytherin. The Sorting Hat claims that blood purity was a factor in selecting Slytherins. It is not the main factor but it suggests that the sorting hat takes into account the lineage of the student as well as traits. Muggle-born Slytherins exist, but are very rare, as noted insultingly by Scabior the Snatcher.