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Who are the Romanian X Factor judges?

Who are the Romanian X Factor judges?

X Factor (Romanian season 9)

X Factor
Judges Ștefan Bănică, Jr. Loredana Groza Delia Matache Florin Ristei
Winner Andrada Precup
Winning mentor Ștefan Bănică, Jr.
Finals venue Antena 1 Studios, Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania

Who are the Romanian judges?

X Factor (Romanian TV series)

X Factor
Judges Delia Matache (2–) Ștefan Bănică Jr. (4–) Loredana Groza (9–) Florin Ristei (9–) Mihai Morar (1) Paula Seling (1) Adrian Sînă (1) Dan Bittman (2–3) Cheloo (2–3) Horia Brenciu (4–8) Carla’s Dreams (6–8)
Country of origin Romania
Original language Romanian
No. of seasons 9

Who is the masked judge on X Factor Romania?

Olga Verbiţchi won the competition and Carla’s Dreams became the winning mentor….X Factor (Romanian season 6)

X Factor
Hosted by Răzvan Simion Dani Oțil
Judges Delia Matache Horia Brenciu Ștefan Bănică, Jr. Carla’s Dreams Crina Mardare (guest)
Winner Olga Verbiţchi

Who are the X factor Romania 2018 judges?

X Factor Romania (Season 8)
Broadcast from 26 August 2018 – 23 December 2018
Judges Ștefan Bănică, Jr. Delia Matache Carla’s Dreams Horia Brenciu
Presenters Mihai Bendeac Vlad Drăgulin
Network Antena 1

Who is Super 4 singing group?

The channel launched the Season 2 on 29 August 2020. The format of the show is there is total of 16 contestants and they equally divide 16 contestants into four groups named Vidhuannan jagajillies, Rimu jagajillies, Sithumani jagajillies and Jobaby jagajillies.. Show went off on October 10 2021 by Grand Finale.

Who is Bella Santiago married to?

Nicolae Ionuț Grigorie
Personal life. Santiago moved to Bucharest in 2016, in order to be with her Romanian boyfriend Nicolae Ionuț Grigorie. They had previously met while both were living in Malaysia. Santiago and Grigorie married in December 2018.

Why does Shelton Woolright paint his face?

Woolright has defended his use of black face as a “form of expression and a point of difference”. “Just like my influencers, the black face paint has been part of my stage performance for various shows and videos and and has been a developing concept.”

Who won Super 4 junior?

The popular music reality show, ‘Super 4 Juniors’ concluded after declaring young singer Ruth as the winner. In the extravagant finale, the singer managed to impress the judges with his pristine singing.

Who is the winner of Super 4 Mazhavil Manorama 2021?

Ruth Ann Toby was crowned the winner of Mazhavil Manorama Super 4 Juniors reality show!

Who is Shelton Woolright?

Shelton Woolright is a drummer, musician and photographer. Born and raised in Auckland, he became the drummer of alternative rock band Blindspott in 1997, before leaving the group in 2008.