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Who created mirrors edge?

Who created mirrors edge?

EA MobileIronMonkey Studios
Mirror’s Edge/Developers

What country is Mirrors Edge set in?

The Glass takes place in the south east Cascadia. Cascadia is located in south east Oceania continent. Conceptual arts indicates the presence of English and Chinese, however only English is being presented in the final version.

How long did Mirrors Edge take to make?

The game went gold on November 6, 2008 and took nearly two years to complete.

Is mirrors edge a cyberpunk?

Ghostrunner review – Mirror’s Edge goes cyberpunk | Metro News.

How did faith go to juvie?

She spent 2 years in prison for assisting another Runner in escaping the security forces. She stayed behind to fight them off.

What ethnicity is Faith Connors?

Faith and her sister are of mixed Asian and Caucasian descent. The surname “Connors” implies possible Irish heritage, on her father’s side. Faith’s first tattoo to commemorate her first official run was the tattoo around her right eye.

How do you get mirror edge?

To create a mirror edge, it’s helpful to use small incremental grit progressions. The key to the mirror edge is in the middle steps in the overall progression, because these are the abrasives that will be removing deeper scratches. Spend more time with the 800/1000/1500 grit stones than anything else.

How many copies did mirrors edge sell?

about 2.5 million units
The original Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008 to favorable but mixed reviews (a quantitative mean of 79 out of 100, according to Metacritic). Since its release, the game has reportedly sold “about 2.5 million units” across three platforms worldwide, which for a publisher like Electronic Arts means it’s barely a blip.

Is Ghostrunner a copy of cyberpunk?

Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk action platformer co-developed by the danish Copenhagen-based Studio Slipgate Ironworks and Poland-based developer One More Level and co-published by All In! Games and 505 Games.