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Who designed Philippine Airlines logo?

Who designed Philippine Airlines logo?

Landor Associates
1986–present The current PAL logo was designed by Landor Associates, it features the same two blue and red triangles used in the second and third logos.

What is the tagline of Philippine Airlines?

Heart of the Filipino
Please note that the official PAL logo carries the tagline “Heart of the Filipino” and that all official advertisements of the airline are posted at and the official PAL Facebook Page.

Who founded Philippine Airlines?

Andrés Soriano
Ramon FenandezErnesto Von KaufmannJuan ElizaldeJohn R. Schultz
Philippine Airlines/Founders

Who owns Philippines airline?

LT Group
PAL Holdings, Inc.
Philippine Airlines/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of PAL?

Lucio Tan (Jan 1995–)Philippine Airlines / CEO

When did Philippine Airlines start?

February 26, 1941Philippine Airlines / Founded

Who is the CEO of Philippine Airlines?

Where is the Philippine Air Lines logo on a plane?

The name “Philippine Air Lines” was superimposed in the upper forward portion of the fuselage and the PAL logo was located at the back. Later variants of the livery, especially on PAL jet aircraft, made use of an extended Philippine flag as cheatlines, with the PAL logo superimposed on the tail.

How many versions of the Philippine Airlines logo are there?

The Philippine Airlines logo has gone under four incarnations in the entire length of its operations.

What is the meaning of the PAL logo on aircraft?

The PAL logo is also painted on the winglets of aircraft that have them. The name “Philippines”, instead of “Philippine Airlines”, is to denote that PAL is the primary flag carrier of the Philippines.

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